Why Your Business Needs a Logo

You might not think that your business needs a logo design, but you do! Other than a cool colorful (or not so, depending on your business type and taste) little image sitting on the top of your website, letterhead and business cards, logos serve an important purpose too! Brand recognition is one of the big things about logo design that few people ever think about, and if you don’t have that in mind you could end up conveying the wrong message to your audience. You want to wow people using the right colors, the right shapes and even the right font! While you might not NEED a logo, if you want to effectively communicate your message, you’re going to need to get a professionally designed logo.

While You can Live without a Logo, Why Would You want to?

Not every business needs a logo when they start working, and depend on other ways to get brand recognition like word of mouth and old style marketing… but this is hard, and why should you make marketing your business harder than it has to be? You wouldn’t start a store without a sign, a food truck without a menu, so why would you start a business without a logo?

What is a Logo Anyway?

Logo is just an abbreviation of the word logogram; or a picture or symbolic representation of an idea. So, a logo is just a visual representation of an idea. It can be straight up letters, symbols or a delightful mixture of both, but it has to represent something or it’s just not a logo! Logos will use color, design, shapes and even different kinds of fonts to represent the right idea; if an amateur does it wrong, you can end up conveying the wrong message altogether.

How You Can Get the Right Logo

The right logo will give you excellent brand recognition and even, over time, build brand loyalty. You want people to think of what you’re selling and instantly think of you. Crazy as it is, it all starts with your logo and that little image they form in their minds about you. When you want the best logo possible for your business, you’re going to need a professional to design it. But how do you make sure you’re getting the right professional logo design team to work on your project?

What Kind of Logo do You Need?

Every business is unique, and your logo needs to express what you’re offering! Think of everything that your company embodies and stands for; are you a business, a non-profit, a political group? Working with the right designer you’ll be able to identify the core colors that you want to represent your logo with, the shapes and even the fonts. All of these things come together to give you a great logo that you can be proud of!

You wouldn’t start your business up without a phone or a computer, so why would you do it without a logo?

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