Why You Need to Build Strong SEO Content

Building strong SEO content is one of the most important things any business can do to stand out. This can be with a blog or guest blogging, article marketing on high page ranking sites, or great comments that will give relevance and value to your links, and will make the search engines (especially Google) take notice of what you’re offering. The first thing you should do is create content that’s GOOD that people want to read. Then you want to go over what keywords you’re using!

Understand Your Keywords

Everyone has keywords for their niche, but are you using the right ones to bring the right traffic to your website? When you’re looking at the keywords you’re using, you need to start paring them down to the best options; long tail keywords help, but you want to specialise what keywords you want to use for all of your SEO content. If you’re selling iPod cases, you’ll want to use special keywords for your content like “spotted iPod cases” if you’re selling spotted iPod cases or “pink iPod cases” if you’re
selling pink iPod cases. Look over what you’re doing and maximise exactly what you’re selling; if you just put “iPod cases” in your SEO and people aren’t looking for the specific thing you’re selling, you’re going to lose their interest and it’s a wasted effort.

Make it Unique

After you’ve come to grips with what keywords you need to be successful, you’re going to need content. Content canbe everything from articles on article directories that link back to your site, to your block posts and other written material like product descriptions and mission statements on your website. Even if you received product descriptions from your suppliers, you’ll want to make them unique and your own! You can be penalised by Google for not having unique content and you can probably think up
some better product descriptions than the ones you received! If you’re using PLA (private label rights) or other articles, rewrite them so you can have unique good content, but pay attention to all of your keyword densities so you don’t have to rewrite them later.

Understand Keyword Densities

Keyword densities are what the search engines like Google are looking for when they’re scanning your page. Everything is looked at, and you’ll want to have the right densities for the job. One time per hundred words is usually okay, but you may want it to appear more depending on what you’re selling whether it’s products or services. Look at how the sites ahead of you on Google craft their content and how many times their keywords appear on the page (there are many free tools out there to check keyword densities on articles) so you can see what different densities will respond better with your SEO campaigns.

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