Why You Need Great New Content Every Time

When you’re using content from your site or other sites in your SEO efforts, you might want to cut some corners. Who wants to pay writers every time you need something new done? But when you don’t want to gamble with your reputation online, you want to make sure you have original content and SEO every time you do it. The thing Google hates the most is people who “lift” content from other websites, so make sure everything you use, even for article marketing, is unique every time.

Why is Unique Content Important?

Five or ten years ago, you probably remember how a lot of blogs would just copy and paste the same stories over and over again. It was frustrating, and people got tired of seeing the same content everywhere; Google started nixing sites from the top of the rankings that were just spamming with other people’s content. Now if you’re caught doing it you can end up in the bottom of the SERPs or even worse, banned. It’s just not worth it to repost someone else’s content in the end.

Making Sure Your Content is Unique

Making sure your content is unique is important, but you also need to make sure that if you’re paying for content they’re not copying and pasting either. If you’re buying content, run it through a service like Copyscape to see if it’s been plagiarized before you pay for content. If you already have content on your site that you didn’t write yourself, you can run it through here too to make sure it’s original content. Making sure it’s original is important, but it’s really up to you to catch it!

Sometimes it’s Hard to be Unique

If you’re doing product descriptions for an ecommerce site for example, it can be hard to make sure your content is unique every time. You’ll want to work hard (or hire someone else to work hard so you don’t have to!) to make sure that even the little product technical specifications are reworded to be unique compared to other sites that are online with the same information. This may be hard, but it really pays off in the end and you’ll be able to get better search engine ranking positions on page one and two where your customers can actually find you, as opposed to being banished to page 20 where no one will ever find you!

Making sure your content is unique, fresh and different every time can be hard, but it’s a necessary evil. Even if you’re doing Ezinearticles article submission, you want to make sure you put your best face out there with unique an interesting content, even in a place where most of the stuff isn’t that high quality. If you can’t work on your content and SEO on your own, make sure you go a great seo company with someone reputable (like us!) who can provide you with the services you need and will make sure your content and SEO is on the level too!

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