Why You Need a Professional Logo Design Company

While you can try a stab at making your logo yourself, you really need to consider hiring a professional logo design company for your corporate branding! Real designers (no offense!) have a deep knowledge of colour psychology, branding, shape theory and more that help them bring shapes and text to life on a page that will help you create a memorable and beautiful brand that your customers will remember and use for years to come. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great designer, but you do need to treat it like something that your business depends on! Here we’re going to go over what professional design companies offer, and the pitfalls of going it alone.

What Professional Design Companies Offer

When you go professional, you’re getting a dedicated team that is working towards making your brand awesome. You shouldn’t have to try and figure out why the colour blue appeals more to your customers than the colour ochre, and with the right professional design team you won’t have to deal with the headaches of all the little minutia that makes the design world go ‘round.

Before you hire a professional logo design company, you’ll want to see examples of their work. The best companies will have their portfolio easily accessible on their website, so you can just check over what they have on offer and make a decision. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and see what they can really offer you, and make sure that they’ve worked on a logo in your field before. Unless they can offer you a great deal, the last thing anyone wants to do is be someone’s pilot project!

The Consequences of Going it Alone

I’ve worked with many people who think that paying money for their logo is just a waste; why pay for it when you can whip up your own logo in Photoshop or Microsoft Paint? I have one answer for you: the cheap factor.

Think back to a time (we’ve all been there!) when you visited a great website with something you really wanted to buy on it, but the design looked cheap, or the logo looked like someone’s 12 year old child created it in a graphics class. You’re sitting there with your credit card, thinking about buying, but then you think “Well, if they can’t even afford a proper design, what sort of products are they going to be selling to me?” This is the worst possible scenario for any business.

You want to avoid looking cheap at all costs, and a good professional logo design team will be able to help you get a great looking logo and brand all at a price that you can afford. Why should you look cheap when you can have a professionally designed logo that brings new customers in and helps you establish a brand identity? Don’t go it alone, go with a professional design company!

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