Why You Need a Great Logo Design

Logos are usually the last thing considered in any business plan. Why worry about your logo when you can worry about the design of your website, licenses for software you need to run your business and a dozen or more thing that seem “important” to getting your business up and running? One thing people don’t consider is that great logo design gives you brand recognition, a sense of continuity (even if you’re a new business, people will think, hey these guys have their stuff together), and something that’s there for people to know who you are and what you’re about. Here we’re going to go over the importance of good logo design, why you need it and where you can get it!

Why is Logo Design Important?

You can get logo design on the cheap or even for free, but are these aren’t the kinds of logos you want to invest in. You might tell yourself that you can fix this later, but you want your logo to be consistent. You want the same logo to be there from the beginning, to give a sense of continuity. If you can’t keep your logo consistent, how are you going to be able to service your customers? This sounds awful, but this is how people think, and you want to avoid that kind of trap when you’re getting your logo made.

Always Go Professional

You may end up paying a little more for professional logo design, but in the end it’s well worth it! Over time the cost of a well-made logo pays for itself, and people can tell the heft of a quality logo when they see it. But what makes a professional logo worth paying for? Check this out:

Fonts – What kinds of fonts are being used in your logo? Are they generic typefaces you can find like Arial, Tahoma and others? You never want to use a generic typeface; how will you stand out from the crowd looking like a page of web copy?

Colors – There are different colors that are used for different industries; you wouldn’t want to use the color blue for a site that’s selling grills would you? Colors that are appropriate to the field you’re working in will help you have the best logo design for your business.

Symbols, Text or Both?

When you’re designing your logo, you’re going to have to find a “logotype” that will work for you. There are symbol logos (Nike, Apple and Microsoft are very good examples of symbol logos) where you just get a little graphic that people instantly recognize you from. Word logos like Google’s logo are comprised completely of letters, and then there are the combination logotypes that combine both text and imagery that gives you brand recognition. The Internet Explorer logo and Adidas logo are good examples of the combination logotype; you’ll also see how they leverage color to get the best logo look possible.

Logo design is important, and you don’t want to leave the future of your brand in the hands of someone who isn’t a professional! Use professional design services and reap the rewards later.

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