Why You Can’t Afford a Cheap Logo Design

You’re a professional business right? You wouldn’t go outside in your underwear with a comb stuck in your hair, would you? Bringing your business into the online arena with a cheap or free logo design will only hurt you in the end. A cheap logo tells the world you just don’t care about being professional, that you’ll cut corners at every turn including with your customers. Even if this isn’t your business style, it’s going to come across to your customers! You want people to stay on your page and see what you’re about, understand what your brand is and remember your logo is the first thing anyone looks at when they’re on your page, see your business card or any other media with your name on it.

Designing Your Own Logo is a Mistake

Logo design is really easy; those pesky designers are just padding their bills… right? Sadly a lot more goes into logo design aside from paying for a Photoshop license and drawing little shapes with a mouse. The first thing in any designer’s toolkit is an understanding of how the visual affects the emotional; no matter what we might think as individuals, people are easily manipulated by what they see. The shape of a logo, the colors that are used, even the typeface (font) that’s used can convey completely different messages. Depending on what business you’re in, who your audience is (customers), and what message you want to convey with your logo you’re going to need a complex combination of all three of these to create a logo that really speaks to your audience and pushes them towards what you want them to do. If you can’t get into their minds, you aren’t going to be successful.

What a Professional Design Team Offers

Professional design teams offer all kinds of things, least of all the benefit of their experience. When you’re shopping around for a design team to create your logo, you’ll want to ask for references first. Never accept testimonials, and make sure that you also see samples of their work. Ask them many questions! Look at their samples and see if they’re specialists in a certain field (like e-commerce sites, green retailers, etc.) or if they’re generalists who will be able to apply their experience to your business. You need a professionally designed logo to get your message across, and to make sure you can retain customers, show them you’re trustworthy and that you care. It’s crazy but a well-designed logo (as well as a poorly designed logo) can convey all of these things in a tiny little image that will become the brand recognition tool that drives all of your business online.

When you’re designing your logo, keep in mind all the things that go into a logo, as well as all the things that a logo can convey (whether you like it or not). All of this points to you needing a professional design team who can help you get your message across! Don’t design your own logo when you can get the help you need to build your brand recognition today.

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