Why Vector Logo Design is Important

When you’re dealing with a professional logo designer, you will get a vector file. What is a vector though? How do you use them to get a good logo? Are vectors easy to work with? All of these questions might come to mind when you’re getting your logo designed for the first time, but with vectors you’re in the right hands! From the ease of use with scaling them up and down to infinity to the clear clean crisp edges that will communicate who you are and the durability of your brand. It’s amazing how a simple image can say so much about you and your company, but it’s important to get yourself off on the right foot when you’re doing your logo design. Here we’re going to talk about why you need vectors and how you can use them to get ahead!

What is a Vector?

Vectors are basically points plotting on a plane; this means no matter how it’s used in a program, you’ll be able to keep it the same size and won’t suffer any loss in your design. From a tiny little image on your business cards to a gigantic banner on the side of a skyscraper, you’ll be able to communicate your design effectively without the blurring that blowing up a raster image will bring.

Why Are Vectors Important?

Aside from the usual usability arguments, they’re easy to change. Once you’ve hired a designer and they’ve completed your design, you can take this source file and keep it so the next designer can work on it. If you need updating because you had it designed at a time when things were trendy, you’ll be able to have it fixed easy; you can’t say the same thing for a raster image that is already all put together! You really need the flexibility that a vector graphic design gives you, and you’ll always be able to save the output to a jpeg, png or gif (raster) image if you need it. You can’t save a raster as a vector though, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Always Ask for Vectors

When you’re getting the finished product (and even before you start designing your logo), you need to ask your designer if they’re using a vector program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to design your logo. These programs give you the vector image, but require a specialised person to create the logo, so vector design is professional design. Anyone with windows paint can make you a cheap and fast design, but to make you a great logo design they need to use a vector program. While they’re working, they’ll send you jpegs, pngs or gifs of your logo so you can see the progress (you won’t be able to open most vector files without special software) but at the end, you should receive a vector file like a .AI file; keep this somewhere safe like a disk or on multiple hard drives in case you need it later.

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