Why Search Engine Optimisation Takes Time

There are No Quick Roads to the Front Page

I don’t care what anyone has told you, there are no easy ways to get to the top of the rankings on search engines overnight. If you’re lucky you might have some kind of controversial product, but for most of us it’s going to take time to build our brand identity and trust so people can find us and tell their friends about what we’re offering. You need to understand that all good things take time, and any overnight success can be lost just as quickly.

Cheap, Fast, or Good

The contractor triangle states that you can have two points on the triangle, but not all three; if you want something cheap and fast it won’t be good, and if you want something cheap and good it won’t be fast. The same goes for your SEO campaign; you can hire someone on the cheap to get your rankings up fast, but it won’t stick and what good does that do you? When you’re trying to get the best, you need to put money, time and effort into it. If you can’t do this yourself, you need to seriously consider hiring an SEO consultant who spends all of their time crafting campaigns that will drive the right people to your website.

Consultant or Employee?

Figuring out which one you want to use is important; if you can’t hire any inside or outside help, you might have to do it yourself. A consultant can be someone you find online who can help you get the job done, or you might want to reassign a member of your current team to marketing. Whoever you get to do it, they need to be competent; if it’s you, learn more about marketing and make space in your budget to get the job done right.

Why Does SEO Take so Much Time?

Organic SEO is the right way to do it, but building your reputation and getting noticed by Google takes time. The first step is always back linking, and while you might think you can deploy a million different links to as many sites, this won’t build the SEO you want. By doing your SEO wrong, you could even end up hurting your site’s rankings with Google, so make sure you do it right the first time!

When doing backlinks, look around at what sites you’re commenting and linking from. Are they high page ranking sites, and are you leaving good relevant content in return (great forum comments, good blog comments that aren’t generic, etc.) that will make the site approve your comments or links? Google will weight what backlinks you have all over the internet against you, so make sure that they’re with good sites and that you build your SEO over time, not all in one go.

Building organic SEO is the key to winning online with your internet marketing strategies; you’ll get better results with a long-term campaign instead of a short one, so gauge your choices wisely.

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