Why CMS Website Design’s are Better!

Wordpress CMS Website Design

No matter what you’re selling online, what your message is, or what your site is about you need a CMS or content management system. If you’re struggling to get the right website up and if you don’t want to spend tons of time trying to code one, a CMS will help you with a push button solution. Get control of your SEO and your content all in one package. But why are CMS’s helpful, and what CMS is right for your website? Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know about content management systems for your website, and how you choose the right one.

How CMS Work

A content management system does just that; you have an interface to write pages and blog posts, manage pictures, an ecommerce system and more. You’ll be able to have a full website and blog set up in just a few hours, and if you don’t want to write your own content you can always hire a freelancer at a penny a word or less. Content management systems allow you have total control of your website without having to hire a developer to manage it 24/7; this frees them up to work on important things like plugins and ecommerce solutions, and gives you the money to put towards your business.

Choosing the Right CMS for You

By far, WordPress websites gives you the best experience across the board. It’s free, it’s easy to maintain and it’s so widespread you never have to worry about finding a developer who can help you with your issues. You can get a shop widget to run your ecommerce sites for under a couple hundred dollars. Get all of your SEO bundled into a single package without having to worry about optimizing everything, and get access to millions of awesome themes.

Drupal is also a popular option, especially for business websites. If you don’t want a blog (you need one for SEO, but some people don’t want one) you’ll do fine with Drupal. Either of the systems will give you a good setup for getting your site online right away. You may not have the template you want right now, but it’s important to have a site online as soon as you purchase your domain; this tells Google it’s something worth crawling and will give you better search engine results down the road.

Why You Need a CMS

You may not think that your business is big enough, or that your html site works just fine, but is it really? You need to be able to edit your website without hiring a developer to go through the flash template, you need to be able to control the destiny of your business online. A CMS system allows you to edit, publish, delete and form your web presence just the way you want it to be.

Choosing a CMS is the first step to getting the website you need to bring in sales! The rest is the hard part, so get started today.

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