Why Choose a WordPress Website?

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WordPress Brings You to the Next Level Online

When you’re looking for the best way to have an easy solution for your online business, you need WordPress. While just a few years ago you could get away with a simple html site and a blog that you updated once a month, that’s just not an option anymore! WordPress gives you a push button solution to get you the brand recognition that your business needs and builds your online presence to give you that edge over the competition that you need.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is known as a CMS or “content management system”; these allow you to run everything from a small ecommerce website, a personal blog, or launch a revolution online. It’s infinitely extendable with plugins and flexible with constant code updates that protect you from hackers and malicious attacks… but the best part of WordPress is that it’s free; the only thing you have to worry about with a wordpress site is maintenance and design, freeing up more money for that hungry ad budget. 

What are the Advantages of WordPress Sites?

When you’re shopping around for the perfect one stop solution, you need to make sure it offers:

  • Ease of use; if you can’t update it yourself, it’s useless for whatever you need it for.
  • Built in SEO, RSS and Social Media Functionality; WordPress is designed for maximum indexing by Google and other search engines, and it integrates easily with twitter, Facebook, and any other service you can think of. The RSS feeds allow people to see when you’ve posted something new to your website without having to constantly check your page in their feed readers, grow your readership and get free word of mouth advertising when readers share with friends.
  • Interact with current and future readers and customers; people like to comment on new products, ideas and promotions. Give your readers the interactivity that they crave with comments and the ability to share links with friends and family; if your site allows for user signups you can have subdomains and blogs for your users in no time at all!
  • Get Search Engine Love; we all want to be loved by the search engines, and WordPress is built to please! With easy to index pages and categories, your site can be crawled in no time and analyzed for content and page rank in no time. This gets your content out there and brings eyeballs to the page; in the online marketing game this is the number one goal of any website, and WordPress helps you do it fast.

Is WordPress Right for You?

Getting a WordPress site up and running can be a little confusing, but we can do that for you! After the initial set up and routine maintenance, all you have to do is get the content flowing and watch the users flock to your site (after a little marketing wizardry). With SEO and an unlimited selection of plugins to meet any need, a WordPress site gives you the options you need and the functionality to bring your online presence to the next level.

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