Why a Fully Flash Website is a Bad Idea

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All Flash and No Bang: Why Flash Isn’t Right for Your Site

Years ago Flash websites were all the rage, at least for people who could get the pages to load all the way. If you were a website designer, you banged your head on your desk a little. If you were a site owner, you cringed and had to hire out edits just to make sure you could get a template customized to your needs or just to get the home and contact pages filled out. Luckily the internet as a whole has mostly moved beyond Flash, but there are many reasons you should choose modern options like CSS3 and AJAX/HTML5 over Flash based sites, keep reading to find out more!

Why is Flash a Bad Choice?

On the whole, Flash is something that should be relegated to the memory of the internet; remember all of those awful “Under Construction” gifs that were plastered all over Geocities pages? There’s a reason they died out, and Flash’ time is coming.

  • Incompatible with Tablets and Mobile Devices

Most people who browse the web today are doing it on multi-touch tablets and mobile devices. Flash isn’t set up to work with these kinds of devices, and uses way more processing power than is required.

  • Poor User Interfaces

With multi-touch and texting ninjas browsing the web, just who is walking around with a USB mouse to click a Flash button? Have you ever had to repeatedly mash the tip of your finger down on a glass screen trying to get the click to register? These kinds of headaches are going to drive your users away, and with online competition the way it is the last thing anybody needs is a bad user interface.

  • Malformed URLs

Modern websites use easy to remember URLs that are easy for search engines to index and even easier for people to share links with their friends. You need the exposure that social networking can provide, and Flash websites are just one URL with a bunch of hidden links within the applet. Flash limits sharing options and can affect your Page Rank big time.

  • Doesn’t Take Advantage of the Modern Web

The web has evolved since 1999, and while Flash can give you some nifty effects, you’re going to be able to get the same done with half the code in HTML5. Modern search engines want clean W3C compliant code that it can check for relevancy, and people need a site they can use and get information out of.

Modern Code for a Modern Internet

The internet we use today is all about sharing, and if a site can’t even share its URLs it’s not going to survive. You need a clean website with little code, something that loads up on devices without a lot of processing power, and of course something that gets search engine love. Flash is an obstacle of the past, and you won’t be doing yourself any favours using it to power your shiny new website design.

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