When is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

website redesign tips

Is your site looking a little out dated? Is it a little rusty? Are you using an old HTML design, and want to upgrade to the sparkly new functionality that a wordpress website can bring you? When your site makes you a little sad to look at it, it’s probably time to redesign your site. From the navigation menu to the colours, all sites can do with a makeover from time to time! But how do you choose the new colour scheme, the new layout, what design is right for your business? The truth is you’re going to need professional website design help to get your site on the right track.

Dancing GIFs? Time to Redesign!

Remember the good old days with those little hard hats and street cones would dance on a page, asking people to excuse the mess, under construction? If your site looks like this, you need to move beyond the old design and create something that will show you’re a modern company that can get the job done. A great design is one of the most important things to establish trust with your audience; it might seem a little shallow, but it’s just the way things are. Don’t neglect the look and layout of your site design, and remember that you need to keep it updated as much as possible.

Has Your Business Changed?

Getting your site updated means that you need to look at how your company has grown over the years! If your business has grown or shrunk, changed the way it does business, or if you are just selling something else now’s the time for you need to redesign your site. Look at the content on your site; does it reflect what kind of business you run now? Do you catch yourself not wanting to show people what your website looks like? These are all great reasons to change it up, but the last one you want to pay attention to is SEO; is your site getting search engine love?

You’re SEO Challenged

SEO is an important thing to keep an eye on; if you’re not getting page views you’re not getting new customers. If you’re not getting new customers, you’re not getting more money coming in, and your website isn’t serving the purpose it was meant to. SEO is important and many old websites just aren’t built for pleasing the search engines. If you use a CMS like wordpress, you already have a leg up on the SEO game. You’ll still want to look around for SEO plugins that will help you get better results, as well as a design with a great navigation system that will help your usability and the indexibility of your site with search engines like Google.

If you catch yourself not liking your website, it’s time to change. From a simple colour redesign to something more drastic, they can all lend you a new sense of credibility that you never knew could come from design!

Contact us today to find out how we can help create the perfect website for your business!

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