What is White Hat SEO?

white hat seo

Everyone wants to be number one in their niche, but no one (except the most diabolical marketers) wants to spam their potential customers. White hat SEO gives you the option to be honest and open with the way you market yourself online, but gives you the maximum return. Here we’ll talk about what white hat SEO is, how to do it the right way, and of course why black hat SEO is bad and why you need to avoid it.

What isn’t White Hat SEO?

To understand what it is, you need to know what it’s not. First, SEO, by its very definition, is gaming the system of how search engines index the most relevant information for searches. This can be done with keyword densities (repeating the word a certain amount of times per 100 words) to get indexed better, or it can be done with LSI (latent search indexing) terms that people would look for your site in relation to.

All of these things can be done “white hat”, but many times they’re abused and twisted towards the grey and black hat SEO techniques that you’ll find on a LOT of websites that have been banned by Google.

What Google Doesn’t Like

These are the things that will get you flagged:

  • Link Trickery like hidden links, using link farms to build up your Page Rank (using content farms or link exchanges that Google thinks are spammy) and get traffic. Forced clicks and invisible windows will only get you in trouble too, so don’t do it!
  • Keyword stuffing, or going beyond the 5% max density limit is not a good idea; it’ll get you banned from the top search engines and then no one will find your content.
  • Redirecting Pages and Sneaky Advertising; if you have redirecting ads like CPAlinks or force people on to another page, you’ll be removed from Google. There’s just no good way to go about it, and there’s no need for you to employ redirecting tactics to get people to your site with a good white hat SEO plan.
  • Blog Spam and Plagiarized Content; Google indexes ORIGINAL and INFORMATIVE content, this means you can’t take something from someone else’s page and claim it as your own, even if you think it will add to your site. “Blog Spam” is notorious for just being straight up stolen content

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO gives you all of the benefits of your traditional SEO, without having to worry about the hammer coming down on your site from black hat or grey hat methods. Methods of white hat SEO include guest blogging on sites like your own, article marketing with different directories, press releases that get your name out there, and of course blog and forum comments that convert users into customers. You can spread the world through social networking to people who are actually interested in your product or service, and grow your business to its full potential. A single one of these methods won’t make your business an overnight success, but used in concert you’ll get results that black hat methods just can’t get! Build trust and confidence with your readers and customers using white hat SEO, and they’ll do your advertising for you!

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