What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO and is a term that’s bandied about quite a bit, but what is it, and why shouldn’t you use these techniques to get ahead? Let’s face it, marketing your products and services online is tougher than ever, and black hat tricks are really appealing because they work fast; what no one tells you though is that while they might work for a week, a month, or maybe a little longer, you will eventually feel the wrath of Google. Once you get banned by Google, you can either hire a specialist to help you recover or you can just scrap your site and start again. Why not do it right the first time and avoid the expense and effort of fixing a bad idea?

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is pretty easy to spot; there are entire forums online devoted to shifty tricks that will “get you to the front page in a week” or “bring you a million followers/likes/whatever in a day”. Quality over quantity is what you need to get ahead when marketing things online, so make sure you don’t throw in with any of the following:

Black Hat SEO Keyword Tricks

Well, if a 5% keyword density pulls in visitors, why not 10%? Why not 20%? No! Don’t do it! No matter what a black hat marketer might tell you, keyword stuffing is always a bad idea. Always. Another keyword trick you’ll find in the black hat SEO bag is hidden text; we’ve all seen those sites where there’s a ton of keywords that make no sense at the very bottom of a page, or hidden in white text that you have to highlight. This is a tweak that sometimes slips through Google’s algorithm that will make a site seem more relevant, but with enough complaining you’ll get a spam rating and can even be banned from Google altogether.

Automating SEO

Why pay a person to do something that takes weeks or months, when you can hire someone with a copy of SEONuke to do it for you? Bad! Don’t do it! Why would you want to risk the wrath of Google to save a few bucks? Tricks like automated link software that creates backlinks (if you hear the words Scrapebox or Seonuke, run away) will just get you into trouble, and at worst they can get you banned from the search engines altogether. Don’t do it!

Do Black Hat SEO Tricks Work?

Sometimes they actually do; in the past it would take Google time to catch up with the latest black hat tricks, but now that’s just not the case. Some will work for a time, but with the new features of the Panda Update you’ll see that people can report spammy sites and get you demoted or banned.

When you’re shopping for an SEO company, ask the provider what software and methods they use. If they say something about using “grey hat techniques”, they’re being dishonest and you need to keep searching for the right people to work with you for a sustainable and honest SEO campaign.

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