Understanding Logos, Brands and Identity

Logo design brands and identity

Brand, Logos and Identity are actually three separate beasts that you need to master to bring your business to the next level. Here, we’re going to go over what each is and how you can start formulating ideas for yours today!


A Logo is like your personal ID card for your business; a visual representation of your business, a name that will help people recognise you when they see your logo in different places. Logos don’t show what your company does directly (though elements of your business can be incorporated into the design) but they are there to help people know who you are. Logos are the first thing people see when they go to your website, store or office, and they’ll leave the lasting impression, negative or positive, in their minds. You always want to invest in your logo design so you’re communicating effectively with your audience, so do your research and find a good designer who understands the unique needs of your business.


Brands are tricky, as you can’t exactly make a brand for yourself; your followers and customers create the brand, but your designer can guide public opinion in the direction that you want to form your brand. Brands are corporate images, to prove this point, think about Google. Google has evolved from a search engine to a major powerhouse on the internet whose motto is to “Do No Evil.” Most of us think of Google as a friendly company because we use their products day in and day out, but they’ve had a great hand with their brand creation by experts. The only thing that separates Google from a brand like Microsoft is better brand management!


Identity is not logo or brand! For identity, we’ll look to Apple. Apple essentially is an expensive computer wrapped up in a pretty package. No different than a PC, it’s a lifestyle product that people will pay dearly for; they’re not paying for a truly superior system, they’re paying for the identity of the product. Identity is products and packaging and anything else visual that projects the company as a whole. This is what most people will identify with; the shape of a coke bottle, the thinness of a Mac Air Notebook, the color orange for Home Depot, these are all visual representations that establish identity.

When you’re crafting your brand design, logo and identity you’ll want to have a professional help you. It all begins with a designer; before you hire any designer ask them these questions:

  • Have they worked on these kinds of campaigns before?
  • Do they know the difference between logo, brand and identity?
  • Can they give you references to people who’ve been successful with launching or re-launching their image?

Knowing these three things will help you be certain that you have the right person for the job. Brand, identity and logos are the next step for a business who wants to get to the next level, so start today!

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your Logo, Brand and Identity!

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