Understanding Logo Types

Logos aren’t actually all the same, but luckily there are only three kinds of logos that you’ll have to deal with! There are text logos that are strictly just straight up text, symbol logos that don’t say anything and are literally just a simple (like a happy dog for a pet food logo) or a combination that is both a symbol or picture and text that come together to make the logo great.

Text Logos

Text logos are just what they say they are: plain text. Google has a text logo, but from time to time they mix it up with some symbolic elements that make it a combination. The New York Times is another example of an all text logo; virtually all newspapers have text logos that are easily identifiable and strong to give people a sense of timelessness and importance. Netflix is another example of an all text logo, where the letters aren’t just text and have a little embellishment. You can go fancy with an all text logo, but you’ll want to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too crazy and you lose the message you’re trying to convey.

Symbol Logos

Symbolic or image logos will show people who you are without putting the actual text right on the page. Sites like Reddit have a symbolic logo, and Facebook’s icon is a stylised F with a blue square around it. This could be considered a symbol, a text or a combination logo depending on how you look at it. Symbol logos allow you to use an image to brand people’s idea of you; the best presentation of a symbol logo is the Apple logo! Apple is literally an apple that’s changed over the years but has remained the same to show people consistency and to get their message across to people over time. Symbol logos can work for virtually every situation, but for most businesses the best logo you could get is the combination logo.

Combination Logos

Combination logos allow you to blend text and a symbol together to create a logo people will remember. KFC is a great example of a combination logo; it’s bright red colour mixed with contrasting white and black make it a strong brand that everyone knows. Mercedes Benz and Adidas are also great examples of combination logos that blend text and a symbol together that we’d notice apart or together. The point of your combination logo is to get the point across with the best use of design and text that you can muster.

Choosing which kind of logo design is right for you can be difficult, but when you work with the right designer you’ll be able to find a great fit that works for your company. Your logo is the first thing people notice about your brand, so be sure that it makes an impression that people will remember for a long time to come, but doesn’t overpower the message you’re trying to convey!

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