Understanding Branding for Your Business

Everyone’s talking about branding, but what the heck is it and how can you use it to your advantage? There are many books out there who promise to teach you how to leverage brands, but do you really need them? You don’t actually have to do a lot to get your brand up and running, and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. What you will have to do is hire someone who KNOWS the ways of branding your kind of business backwards and forwards to really get the results you need. Here we’re going to talk about what branding is and what branding isn’t, why logos aren’t brands, how much money you’ll need to launch your brand, and how you can spread the word out there to get people talking. If you want to know everything about branding, keep reading!

What is Branding?

Your name isn’t your brand; your brand is the graphical and emotional representation of your company. Everything that your company is about that people think of is your brand! Think of Google and what they stand for, what do you think about Google? Everything that comes to mind is their brand, even down to the logo. The logo is part of the brand, but the brand isn’t a logo…

Why isn’t Your Logo a Brand?

Your logo is like the front running part of your brand, the visual representation but it doesn’t encompass everything about your brand. When people look at your company and everything it does, they’ll think of the logo first and then they’ll think of everything else. Don’t neglect the other components of your brand like public relations, product quality and more. A graphic designer can help you create your brand, but your customers will eventually define it as they see how your company is.

Does Branding take a lot of Money?

Branding actually isn’t that expensive; depending on who is helping you craft your brand, you’ll be able to get a good brand on a good budget. You can get help coming up with good ideas that will stick in people’s mind so they’ll know what kinds of services and products that you offer. A talented graphic designer will help you come up with these ideas and visualizing them so people will understand what you’re about. This is the most important part of branding and you need to pay close attention to it.

How to Use Your Brand

Brands aren’t built overnight, it will take time and effort to craft the brand that you want to put forward to the world. It will all start with an idea, and then you keep building on it day and night until it’s as sparkly as you need it to be to survive! Good brands will bring you new customers, better business, and the success you have always wanted! Be consistent, and you’ll really be able to get where you want to be!

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