Tips for Construction Logo Design

Construction isn’t just about building homes; construction logo design is a specific type of logo where shapes, colors and forms come together to create a beautiful logo that really speaks to your audience and will convey a lot more than just a name. When shape and form take center stage, you’re going to want to make sure you have a professional logo designer who knows how to bring together all these elements to get a great logo! If you look over constructionist logo designs you’ll see how much love has gone into each one of them, and how much you respond to them without even noticing it! This is how you know you’ve got a great logo and how others will too!

Why Construction Logotypes Work

Construction logotypes matter and for one important reason; they get across as much information as possible in a small space, with minimal colors and resources. Think about the logos for Caterpillar and other construction companies; they’re simple and straight forward, getting across everything you need to know all at once. Why struggle with your construction logo when you can get it all together in one place, without having to make things so busy that the real message gets lost.

How Logos Work

When you’re creating a logo, you’ll want to bring together text, shapes, colour and forms to create the ultimate logo. This means you’ll be able to do more with less, and you’ll be able to have the flexibility to move to a wide range of formats like web, business cards, signs and more. You shouldn’t be stuck with one logo that you can use for only one purpose, so you’re going to want to ask for the vector of the logo so you can use it for several different purposes.

Colour and Shape Are Important!

When you want your logo to count, you need to make sure you’re taking full advantage of colour and shape to get a great impact from your logo. These things have to come together to get people excited! Try to balance the colours; too much red may make people think of an accident, and too much blue can make people think your company only builds pools. It’s all about striking a balance between too much and too little information.

What a Good Logo Looks Like

When we’re talking construction logos, you’re going to want colors like bright yellow, deep red (true red), blue, light orange; basically all the colors that are used in construction so people will look at your logo and go “Ah! It’s a construction company!” This is how you know you’ve got a good logo, when people look at it for just a second and already know exactly what it’s about. You’ll want to use strong lines and shapes because construction is all about architecture; the stronger the lines, the stronger the perception of the company.

You can get the best construction logo, just make sure you understand what goes into it and you’ll do great!

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