The Use of Shapes in Logo Design

Shapes in Logo Design

We all want the perfect logo, but what is the perfect logo?  There are three logotypes: text logos (think Google or Yahoo), Symbol logos (Nike), and combination logos (Adidas, Blackberry, etc.). While it’s easy to go with a strictly text logo, you’ll still need to think about the shape. Shapes evoke all kinds of emotions in consumers who look at them, and your logo is the first part of any brand recognition process for consumers. If people don’t like the look of your logo, the shape of your logo, you are already sunk! It’s important to choose the correct shape, and here we’re going to go over how to choose the right shape and what shape choices are available.

Understanding Shapes

If you already have a logo, take a look at it. What kind of shape is it? There are all kinds of geometric shapes that are usually a good pick (you can go with organic shapes like ink splatter, but if you’re running a bank with a blob shaped logo, you might not be doing it right), and depending on your business you’ll want to go with different shapes. Are you a serious business? Think of going with a box shaped logo, showing that you’re dependable and level! Are you a global consulting group? If so, what better choice than a globe shaped logo? Logos are part of brand recognition, so you want to imbue your logo with the qualities of geometric shapes that really work with your business.

Making Use of Shapes in Your Own Design

When you make use of shapes, you really want an understanding of how they work to create a logo that gives you the best logo design possible. This means you’re going to need a professional designer who has experience in shapes. Look at their portfolio and see how they’ve made use of shapes in their previous designs, and ask them how they can use them to make your logo pop. Any great logo design team will help you find the balance between a logo that communicates the message clearly and a logo that leaves your audience with a real lasting impression!

Don’t Use a Cheap Designer

Times are tough and we’re all cutting corners; can you really afford to leave your future in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand the intricacies of shape in logo design? We have years of design experience, understanding that shape, color, and even subtleties with fonts can deeply affect brand recognition and market impressions! Visual communication via logos have to hit certain psychological parameters to make sure people are getting what you’re trying to get across!

Before you go out and get a cheap logo, consider what shapes can do (and what they won’t do) for your logo design.  Build your logo to last, not just to meet the latest fad and you’ll be able to outlast the competition.

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