The Past and Future of Website Design and SEO

Looking back at how SEO and Website Design worked in the past, it’s insane how hard it is now to get your website seen. If you want to know where SEO is going in the future, you’re going to have to understand how it started. Here we’re going to go over what’s changed, what will change and how you can stay ahead of the curve and avoid some of the rougher spots with all of the SEO and design problems the rest of us have had to deal with! Let’s get started.

In the Beginning it was Easy!

In the beginning of the internet, it was easy, but it was also filled with adult website links. You could look for anything innocuous and sweet, like children’s clothes for example, and you would somehow still come up with something in the adult industry. You could stuff your site full of keywords and game the algorithm of the search engines of the day. While it was easier back then to get ranked, the design was flawed; I think we would all take the internet of today over Geocities any day!

Design was another problem altogether on the past internet, even up until web 2.0 began to emerge back in 2006-2007. People had to stumble around tables and try and figure out how to place information where their visitors would actually be able to see them. There weren’t that many different types of browsers, but the ones we had were hit and miss.

And Now… It’s Hard

SEO for the current iteration of the internet is hard, but design isn’t nearly as hard as it once was. We have WordPress with drag and drop theme design, we have tons of theme repositories if we don’t care about having a cookie cutter theme, and we have the W3C organisation that holds sway over design standards. The internet is a prettier and friendlier place, graphically speaking, and we have the first internet to thank for it.

SEO is a bit more of a bear when you think about it. You can’t just load up your website with invisible keyword pages at the bottom, and you can’t use redirecting tricks like they used to. But you do have a much larger audience to draw from, and all the perks that the social web can give you! Sharing your website with the masses is easier today than it ever was before, and if you want to get the word out you have so many tools at your disposal today that you wouldn’t have had previously.

While search engine optimization might be hard, virtually anyone can make a website, buy a domain and have everything up in a matter of hours. Who knows what it’s going to be like in a matter of five years from now, but if this big leap forward is any indication the next jump in the web is going to be fantastic, but only time will tell!

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