The Importance of Fonts in Logo Design

Every company is unique, and creating the right brand identity for advertising online and offline is an important step to cementing your presence. How do you figure out what logo  is right for you, and what font really represents what your company stands for. Selecting the right font can be hard, and that’s why you should always work with a graphic designer who has experience with a wide range of logos and business (and brand creation helps too!) to make sure you get the best representation of your company possible. Here, we’ll be showing you what fonts work with what kinds of businesses in general, and what you need to have a logo design that helps people recognize who you are and what you do.

Serif and Sans Serif

serif font example

Serif fonts are solid and beautiful, giving you an air of sophistication; think of the New York Times, the headline font for it is a Serif font that really grabs your attention. Great for news organizations and others who want to appear sturdy and timeless, you’ll be able to establish yourself to last through the ages with this kind of font. Sans Serif are more simple than their Serif counterparts and impart a plain matter of fact look that gives you an approachability and more modern feel than plain Serif fonts. If you want to pop on the page, Sans Serif helps.


Scripts and Handwriting

logo example

Scripts are just what they say, calligraphy fonts that have that extra touch that gives you a sophistication and elegance that people crave. If you’re in the business of selling opulence, script fonts are a great companion for your brand. These are great for logo design and such, but you don’t want to use them in all of your materials. They’re there to give you a touch of beauty, not an overpowering feel that frightens people away. Handwriting fonts are also pretty easy, they’re handwriting! Here you’ll get the more personal touch with recognisability that helps people identify with your brand, as well as easy to read (the best are plain and a little quirky) so your audience knows what they’re looking at. For a light hearted personal feel, you’ll love a handwriting font for your logo.


Modern type, like Helvetica and others, give you a beautiful, easy and minimalistic way to communicate with your audience in a single image or word. Look at Apple’s font; it was considered a little futuristic in the beginning, but now you’ll see that many other companies have taken their lead and it’s more commonplace. If you want to show people you’re ahead of the game with a clear clean crisp design, modern fonts are the right way to go.

These are just a few popular fonts that people use to communicate with people online and offline, and there are many more that might be suitable for your business or your logo. You’ll need to hire a professional who can help you determine what logo is right for you and more importantly what font is right for your business.

Contact us today to learn how we can help find the right font and right logo design for you!

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