The Importance of a Consistent Brand Identity

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Your Name is Your Brand, You Need to Be Consistent

We all know that saying “Your name is your brand”, but what does that mean for your business and your brand identity? How can you stay with the times without having to constantly redesign yourself, while keeping your audience and making sure your customers know who you are no matter how much you change through the years? What’s great today might be awful tomorrow, and you never know what’s around the corner. Here we’re going to talk about the importance of a consistent brand identity, how you can create the right brand for you that will carry you through time and establish your presence in your market. Let’s get started!

Consistency Makes the Cake

Think of your marketing and brand efforts like a cake, if you don’t make sure everything is blended enough the cake will be lumpy; it’s important to keep everything as close to each other (your website, your social media campaigns, your mainline advertising) as possible This helps your customers and audience identify with your brand, know what to expect from you, and of course how to spot you in the big wide ocean online.

The Message is the Media or How Being Online Flips Things Upside Down

Recently the New York Times has had to overhaul its business model with blogs and media, but they still retain their brand affiliation with their audience. If you’re branching out onto YouTube, for example, you can interact with your audience like never before you need to take note of what you started out as and keep to that ideal. If you’re selling personalised onesies to expectant mothers or razor blades you need to stay with the original message and product, while trying to keep up with the online market. Social media, print media and advertising all need to meld together to give the wide impression that it has longevity and that it stands for this or that.

Protect Your Brand

Being consistent helps you avoid the pitfalls of others following in your footsteps; if you can prove that you’ve been doing things the same way, customers will trust you more and won’t fall for the cheap tricks that upstarts can pull. Brand identity helps your customers know it’s you, no matter how you change throughout the years. Why should you have to worry about someone coming along and using all of your hard work against you, when you have had a long term relationship with your audience that helps them identify who the real “you” is, and who it’s not?

Brand identity and consistency is important, no matter what you are dealing in. When you’re working online or offline, you need that presence that reassures your audience just who you are, what you’re about and where you’re going. This keeps you from walking the tightrope of being the new kid on the block forever, and builds your brand to withstand the test of time. Figuring out how to be consistent with your brand can be difficult, but with the right consultants you can!


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