The Four Rules of Logo Design

Getting a great logo design that’s going to stand the test of time is the goal when you hire a logo designer to create your logo, but how do you get there? How do you know the logo you’re buying is actually worth what you’re paying for it, and how do you know it won’t fall flat in a year or two? Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know about logos and how you can make your logo evergreen, beautiful and make your brand identity count.

Colour Isn’t as Important as You Think

Colour isn’t as important as you might think; shape and form is a lot more important to logo design and will give you impact without taking a bright red sledgehammer of colour to it. You can be subtle with brand identity and still get the point across, so don’t be afraid to go easy on the colour! You’ll also want to make sure that there’s a heavy emphasis on design over colour; colour should be the last thing you work on (or your designer works on, so to speak), so if it looks good in black and white it’ll look great in whatever colours you choose!

Make it Original

Making your logo design original is one of the most important things you can do. An original logo design will give you everything you need to stand out from the crowd of your competition, and you’ll be able to really make an impact with brand recognition. You will also be able to avoid all the pitfalls of an intellectual copyright/property lawsuit from “borrowing” elements of someone else’s design.

Say No to Trends

Saying no to trends is one of the best things you can do, but you don’t want to have a logo design that looks dated either. You’ll want to stay away from anything that looks like a lot of Photoshop filters were used on it, and anything that looks too trendy. Trends are great, but your logo needs to carry you through a ten year period at least and we all know what happened to those wonderful web 2.0 logos that are collecting dust in some designer’s recycle bin.

Pay Attention to Height and Width

Height and width are important with a great logo design; you’re going to want to make sure that the footprint is small, but you want it to make an impact too. You’ll need to balance between the width and the height of your logo so you don’t end up too top heavy. You’ll also want to pay attention to the use of shapes and forms with the size of your logo, if one shape is too long or too large it can throw off the balance of the rest of the logo design.

Now you know everything you need to about logo design! Don’t be afraid to ask the designer if you think something is throwing off the balance, or if there is too much of an emphasis on colours.

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