The Advantages of Blogging for SEO

Blogs and SEO

You can have the best looking website design, keyword linking to your site out the ying-yang, but if you don’t have relevant and unique content you’re not going to get anywhere. This is where blogging comes in; with the right content, you can get many of your SEO goals accomplished. You might think that starting your own blog is hard, or you might not be able to think about what you should write but blogging for SEO isn’t nearly as hard as you think!  Here I’m going to show you why you need a blog, and what you can do with it to start driving traffic to your website.

What is a Blog?

Just in case you don’t know, a blog is a website or part of a website where you “post” information often; people who read your blog can sometimes leave feedback like comments on your posts or questions about what you’re saying. It gives people the interactive element they crave, especially when they’re doing business with you. You can already imagine how important having a blog on your site is!

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a way of manipulating the search engines to rank you better for relevancy. If you have a percentage of keywords on each page, you’ll be able to pull in better traffic to your site that’s actually interested in what you have to say and what you’re selling. It’s important to be able to get this traffic, because without people coming to your site you’re not going to be able to reach the people you need to the most.

How a Blog Helps SEO

Having a blog helps you have the content you need to lace with keywords to get better search results from Google when they index you. You’ve probably already done keyword research for article marketing or just the usual SEO purposes; you can use those keywords in your blog content. Think of promotions and other stuff that’s going on in your business, what information should people know about what you’re selling? If you have a consultant business, tell them how they can build their online presence, or if you are selling lawn chairs help them pick the right one for their needs. Whatever you’re selling, you’ll be able to give people help making decisions and you’ll become a more trusted source for information online.

How SEO works for Blogs

With each post you write, Google will index it and weight it to check for authority and relevance. You put in a keyword once every hundred words, the Google will think that you’re more relevant than someone who just puts the keyword in the title and forgets about it the rest of the article. A blog will allow you to have keyword diversity, using a multitude of keywords around your site and getting better SEO without getting in trouble for keyword stuffing.

There are many ways you can get a blog, but the best one is WordPress. WordPress allows you to maximise your SEO efforts and publish blogs and content with a click of a button. Get your blog today, and start reaping the benefits!

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