Making an Impact with Logo Design

Logo design isn’t just about pretty pictures; you’re going to need to have a memorable logo that influences your audience and tells them who you are all at the same time. This might seem like a hard thing to do, but in the hands of the right logo designer you’re going to be able to get your message across and have a beautiful logo that really says something about your company. While you might be tempted to design your own logo, this is one of those things that’s better left in the hands of a professional who understands the ebbs and flows of consumer psychology.

Logo Leads Marketing

When you’re working on your marketing strategy (online or offline), you’re going to have to take your logo into consideration; more importantly you’re going to have to look at what you’re marketing! Your product should ALWAYS come before the logo, since a logo is there to communicate a message. If you have no product, you have no message and making a logo is pointless; without a message a logo is just a pretty picture.

Strong versus Soft

A strong logo might seem like the way to go, but you need to try and puzzle out who your customer is (which you probably did during the product development and marketing research phase, if not don’t skip this important step!) and what they want. If you’re selling dryer sheets or socks for example to women, you may want to go with a soft happy logo that makes them associate that with your brand. If you’re selling “Adventure Action Socks” to men, you can go with a strong logo, angular lines and bold colours. It’s all about appealing to your core audience, and not every corporate branding is going to need those strong lines and colours to be successful.

Logo Integrity and Format

Before you begin to design your logo, you need to discuss with the designer what format it will be provided in. If they offer you a final “raster” copy, but no “vector”, you need to find another designer fast. Raster images are like your family photos; they’re difficult to blow up and make strong lines soft and blurry. A vector formatted logo is the best you can get, since it can be blown up to any resolution and down to a postal stamp if need be. Vector gives you the versatility you need to grow with your logo, and you’ll have more avenues of advertising and promotion down the road that will give you the best value for your logo.

Print Before You Pay

Before you pay for any logo design (usually the last half, but arrangements vary), you need to see your design printed on paper; you can ask for an assortment like on glossy paper for promotional materials, on matte paper like an envelope or something else you will be using. This will let you see what it looks like on paper, and help you decide if the design is something you can actually use. If the designer refuses to do this step, walk away! You should never pay sight unseen.