Should You Revamp Your Logo?

A logo is your business’ first point of contact with the world, but is yours effective? Logos are a labour of love and knowledge; without either part you’ll end up with a bad logo that could actually hurt your image. While there are no real rules for logo design, here we’ll be going over a checklist of things you can do to make sure you have the best logo possible. Let’s go!

Is it Trendy?

If your logo is trendy, that’s bad. Sure, right now people are going to look at your logo’s bubble sticker effects and have an affinity towards it, but when the next web 2.0 trend rolls along will they even remember that you exist? Trendy is bad, but durable is where you want to be. Look at the logo for Coca Cola; they’ve rarely had to change it in 100 years because they did it right the first time.

Does it Stand Out?

Does your logo stand out in the crowd or does it blend in? You want your logo to stand out and be special! This is the impact statement, the impression you need to make on your audience. Every time they see your logo they should thing “Aha! It’s such and such company and they can give me a good deal on x and y.” When people think of the products and services you provide, you want them to think about you and what you’re offering before they think of your competitors. Your logos is the entry point to branding, so don’t neglect it.

Can You Use It?

So you have a fantastic logo that looks great on a screen, but when you print it for door hangings it’s horrible… it’s just no usable. A great logo is going to transfer across all mediums: business cards, vinyl decals, billboards, signage, websites and more. You need that usability factor in your logo to make sure you can get your image out there and that you get the most for your money.

Does it Make Sense?

This is a biggy when dealing with logo design. Does your design actually make any sense? Is it a dump truck with clowns on the back of it for a cake shop? If so, it’s probably not making sense. While a little whacky is fun, you don’t want to go so far out there that no one can understand what you’re trying to say. You also want the colours to make sense as well, since each kind of business has positive and negative connotation colours.

If you have problem areas with your logo, you need them to be addressed by a professional design team (like us!) who will be able to help you capture the essence of your business with an effective durable logo. With the right application of colour theory, geometric shapes (very few businesses need non-geometric shapes incorporated in the logo) and custom lettering you can have a logo that will get you the results you need.

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