SEO YouTube Tips and Tricks

YouTube is great for SEO (search engine optimization), no matter what products or services you’re selling on the internet! YouTube isn’t just a place for cute cat videos, it’s also the world’s biggest social media networking website too! You can reach people from just about anywhere looking for everything, and all you need to do is make sure you’re taking advantage of your YouTube content to start getting that SEO search engine love every time!

You’ll want to make sure that you don’t devote all of your SEO efforts on YouTube or anywhere else, try to split them into 20-25% increments like 20-25% of your efforts on YouTube, then on Facebook and twitter, profile backlinks and blog comments. Make sure you mix it up!

Use Your Video Descriptions!

When you fill out your video descriptions, you want to make sure that you get a great deal of keyword rich text into each one; this means you include a backlink to your site and content that has keyword or key phrase targeted towards your audience. You’ll be able to get more out your video postings if you use the video descriptions box correctly. If you use the first 27 characters of the description with all of your keywords, you’ll be able to get great SEO benefits.

Always Link Back to Your Site

Always link back to your website in the description boxes, on your profile and other strategic places. You’ll be able to build yourself up as an authority on Google, and you’ll be able to get your website indexed a lot faster and with greater regularity, as well as a better page rank too! When people share your videos, you’ll get even more link juice back to your site. This is why YouTube is one of the best places to get your site noticed

Using Keyword Rich Titles and Tags

Your titles and tags should be just as keyword rich as the content on your own site. This might be hard, tagging and making sure your titles are descriptive, but it’s something you have to do. If you’re not good at making this kind of stuff up, consider hiring someone to take care of it for you (like us!) so you have one less headache to worry about. Tagging these is just important as tagging your WordPress websites posts, so make sure you choose great keywords and you’ll be able to get the results you need!

Get Users Involved

Getting users involved is one of the best way to boost your YouTube SEO efforts! You’ll be able to get them to weigh in on what you’re talking about, get their friends to comment and most importantly share your links on social media networks like Facebook, twitter and even their own YouTube channels. This will help you get a better result from your SEO on YouTube, and spread the word, all for free!

Getting great SEO out of YouTube isn’t as hard as you might think, and it’s as easy as following the steps above! Pay attention to linking to your site and creating relevant keyword rich titles, descriptions and tags; most of all make good content and you’ll see the results you’ve been looking for, all for free!

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