Organic SEO vs Google Adwords

seo vs adwords

The following is an introduction of the 2 ways to improve your ranking in Google.

Google Adwords:

Google adwords are the ‘pay per click’ sponsored ads shown at the top of the organic listings and off to the right. This is a great way to achieve instant page rank and is often a more economical solution than optimizing your site to rank high in the organic listings.

The way it works is, you select the keywords that you would like your company to show up under in google. If one of your keywords is ‘Toronto Construction’, then you will appear in the sponsored ads, when that is typed into google.

You can also geo-code adwords to only show your ads for people searching in the GTA, Ontario, Canada, US, North America etc… This ensures that people outside of your market aren’t clicking on your links and costing you money.

Adwords works like an auction. You bid a certain amount to appear higher on the list of sponsored searches. To rank in the top 3, it will normally cost between $.20-$2.00 depending on the popularity of your keywords.

Google adwords can be set up immediately, and will guarantee your companies visibility for any search terms you desire.

Organic SEO Ranking:

Organic SEO ranking, refers to the sites that appear on google without the aid of google adwords. Gaining an organic ranking on Google is a sometimes long process that requires many elements to be optimized in order to appear at the top of the list for your chosen keywords.

Simply having a site with your specific keywords embedded multiple times within, or adding meta tags to your html code, does not guarantee a good ranking in today’s competitive google environment.

The most powerful tool used currently to enhance page ranking is ‘backlinking’ to other ‘reputable’ sites that are related to the keywords you would like to focus on.  This is a time consuming and often difficult process. It is also something that must be tweaked periodically to ensure the rank status. 

For a keyword like ‘Bob Smiths Plumbing’, it is very easy to achieve a top ranking on Google, since there are only a handful of sites out there with those keywords within them.  However, if you would like to rank in the top 3 in google for a keyword such as ‘Construction’, then this will be much more difficult, since there are literally hundreds of thousands of sites out there which employ those keywords.

Organic SEO ranking is something that cannot be guaranteed or achieved instantaneously.  In fact, google uses a patented algorithm with over 160 different aspects that affect how page results are ordered.  Taking time to tweak all of these aspects is not an option for most companies/people.

I would be happy to discuss your options for organic SEO ranking and to learn of the keywords you are looking to optimize.  This option can be more expensive than Google in the beginning, however, once you gain page rank, all the page clicks you receive are free of charge, and you will certainly gain more click throughs.

Also, you can contact us today for your FREE SEO Report, which will analyze your major keywords and competition!

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