Putting Down Roots: How a Tree Can Raise Your Asking Price

It’s amazing when you think about it, but a single tree can actually up the average cost of a home by nearly $20,000 and save you hundreds of dollars a year on your utilities. If you’re about to buy a home or you’re thinking about selling in a few years, mature trees can do magical things for your property values.

Don’t Forget: Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for mature trees – just planting a tiny tree on the side of the house isn’t going to cut it!

What Kind of Tree is Right for You?

You don’t want to plant just any tree – you want to plant the right tree! This is a great time to hire an arborist to help you identify species that are not only durable in your area, but strong and desirable too. Oak trees are always a great choice, but they can take years to grow as they’re slow growing even under the most ideal conditions.

Fruit bearing trees can be a great choice, but again you’ll want to work with an arborist to make sure you’re getting the best for your property. Some trees, like figs for example, can survive cold winters, but may need to grow in a container for the first few years before they’re rooted in the ground.

Trees Maximize Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t have a loving childhood memory around a tree? They’re shady, they’re green and they can protect your home from environmental damage. Mature trees can add 5% on to your asking price; if you’re selling luxury real estate with 5+ year old mature trees, you can imagine the price jump!

Choosing attractive trees is important – especially ones that provide beautiful foliage in the fall. Don’t forget that your tree must be one for all seasons, though they don’t all have to be needle bearing trees.

Plan Your Trees Carefully

It’s not enough to have curb appeal, to have beautiful desirable trees – you also need to have a plan of action before you plant your trees.

Use needle bearing, conifer trees on the northern and western side of your home to block those harsh winter winds. You’ll be amazed at home much money it’ll save you on your heating bills in the winter.

Guard yourself against the hot summer sun with deciduous trees to the south. The more shade you receive, the better off you’ll be in the summer months.

But just how much can you expect in the way of savings? You can save anywhere from 20% off the cost of heating ($150+ a year, depending on the size and type of home) and 30% off your cooling bills each year.

Maintenance is Key

It’s important that care goes well beyond planning locations and what kind of trees you’re planting. You want to have regular, seasonal maintenance on all of your trees – but trust us, you’re going to get that money back with a great tree adding value to your property.

Ask the arborist about things like deicing salts on your driveway, chemicals used in your lawn and other environmental factors that can make life difficult for your tree.

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