Logo Design Trends Heading into 2012

If you are thinking of having a logo designed for a new or existing business, you’ll want to make sure you are getting a design that is current, eye-catching and will stand the test of time.

The worst thing you can do is to have a logo that appears dated and holds back the style and message of your company. Logos, like any  business, is forever evolving and changing.

Here are several of the top trends within the design industry leading into 2012:

2011-2012 Logo Design Trends

Simple is Better

Quality business logo designs all have one popular attribute, simplification. Take for instance the Starbucks logo. Their old logo, a Greek goddess-like female in the middle of a green band with the Starbucks name, has been substituted for a simpler approach. The same can be said for many popular brands, including Nike, Pepsi, Shell and of course Apple.

Starbucks Logos

Emphasizing Words Using Colour Coordination

Making use of colour, borders and shading to emphasize words is gaining popularity every year. Using this method produces very clean, straightforward, contemporary logos. Highlighting the use of Color-Coordinated Words is twitpic.

Logo Designs Incorporating Speech Bubbles

Even though they have been around for years, the speech bubble is making a return. Not anymore limited to comic books, speech bubbles have become popular for communication and social media companies. Many companies including AIM, Technorati, Lifeblogger and even the TV channel Bravo have opted for this modern web 2.0 design.

AIM Logo

Quadrangles, Parallelograms and Warped Shapes

This is a great example of web 2.0 logo designs.  We’ve moved past the days of standard rectangles, squares and circles and have moved into a more modern and contemporary design field.  Off balance shapes are rising in recognition when it comes to new business logo designs. A Quadrangle is like a rectangle or maybe a square extended as well as deformed into different shapes.

Take the company Groupon for example – The design isn’t a square and it’s certainly not a rectangle, but whatever it is, it’s becoming a very popular and powerful tool for modern logos.

Groupon Logo

Connected Nodes and Hubs

Logo designs which incorporate connected nodes and hubs are mainly created to symbolize the interconnections between social media and the World Wide Web. If you have a business that is based online or that includes networking or many elements, than this design could be right for you.

In the upcoming year we are going to see many logo simplified, with crisp, clean shapes that are memorable and modern.  The new design trends can be summed up in two words (or one word and some numbers!) WEB 2.0.  This is the future of business design as social media, and interconnectivity across the web is what will drive business through the next 20 years.

If you have any questions about logo trends for your company or would like an Instant quote for your business, please visit our logo design homepage.

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