Keys to Building an Effective Website

effective website design

We all want to win online; from driving sales of products and services to getting your ideas and opinions out there, you need an effective website to get results. But what is an effective website, and how do you make yours fit the mould? Here we’ll talk about what makes a website effective, how to structure your website for success, and of course how to avoid failure with a few quick steps.

What is an Effective Website?

The difference between effective websites and ineffective websites is pretty simple: effective websites make a profit, the others just don’t. When you’re looking at your website, trying to figure out how it’s effective, look for:

Calls to Action

When you first go to a website, you see offers, things to sign up for, articles telling you about what you should buy, etc. These are known as “calls to action” and they help your visitors understand what you’re selling and what you want them to do. You can have the prettiest site design ever, but if you don’t have a call to action your website will be useless.

Contact Information

On every page there should be a form to contact you, an email address, something that tells people how to respond to your call of action. You don’t have to plaster your page with Adweber forms, but you do need to have something there that helps people get a hold of you! If you do business over the phone (especially helpful for ecommerce sites when people don’t want to submit their credit card information online) you need to make sure your toll free numbers are in the sidebar and visible on every page.

Good SEO Practices

  • Every site needs optimised SEO; no matter what you’re selling, without the right SEO strategy your site won’t be indexed by the search engines. You can do a quick few tweaks to make sure your site is on the right track like:
  • Does your Page have a Title in the Tab? If so, it needs to be what keyword you’re targeting for search engines!
  • If you’re using a completely Flash site, you need to get a site redesign; flash isn’t able to be indexed by search engines properly and will cost you in the SERPs!
  • Look over your content; is it geared towards your niche and what they’re looking for? How often are your keywords mentioned in each article? Are your articles well written, entertaining and informative? If you’re not good at writing, consider hiring someone who knows SEO who can get the job done for you.

What is your Website Design like?

Every site needs to look a certain way that excites viewers’ interests, keeps them on the page, and makes the site easy to search and navigate. Optimising your design can be as easy as a few tweaks to a complete overhaul, it will just depend on how much updating you need.

Go through this checklist and see where you’re at, then start implementing the changes to make your own website design effective. Always remember, having an effective website is the key to getting sales and keeping customers!

Contact us today to learn how we can help create an effective website for your business!

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