Internet Marketing Strategies for 2012

With 2011 coming to a close it’s time to start looking to the future. What will your internet marketing strategy for 2012 be? Do you know the latest trends to get attention and new business? How do you get noticed by Google? To stay competitive in today’s marketing, you’re going to have to employ all kinds of wizardry like social media, video marketing and even hiring affiliates who can help you spread the good word about what you’re offering. Here we’re going to go over the different ways you can promote your site, and how you can implement it into your marketing plan.


You don’t have to physically give away your products, but you do need to sweeten the pot a little! Think about free reports and e-books that will get people in the door, and move them towards the sale. With the world economy like it is, people will be more likely to buy with you if they have already seen a preview of what you can give them. Never underestimate the value of free stuff! When they sign up for reports, have them join your email list so you can send email blasts

Get Noticed

Backlinks are the chief way to get noticed online, but are you covering all of your bases? Every SEO blog out there is telling you to leave comments on blogs and forums, but there are article directories to use too! When you have commenters working on your backlinks, always create relative and informative comments that will get approved; don’t incite the ire of angry webmasters reporting your site to blacklists by leaving generic comments like “I like this site but this (link) has more information about the topic you might find interesting!” Article directories like EzineArticles and Associated Content along with blogs like Tumblr give you good links that will help with your article marketing strategies.

Use Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the drug of choice for everyone from the young looking for great fashion to grandmothers trying to reconnect with old high school friends. Using video marketing to creative interactive content is a great step, as well as having a Twitter and Facebook Fan Page so people can leave you comments and ask questions.  People want that next level of interaction that social media gives them, so be sure to take full advantage to reach new audiences for free!


You only pay affiliates when they get you a sale; these are highly motivated sellers who know what they’re doing, and know how to target your audience to get them to buy. By using affiliate marketers, you’ll save time and money without having to spend more than you normally would on advertising.

Switch up how you’re marketing now, and in 2012 you’ll bring your company to the next level! Why spend time and money that you don’t have on ineffective campaigns, when you can use a multi-pronged strategy that’s proven to work?

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