How to Write Content the Easy Way

There’s nothing worse than the frustration of a blank page, especially when the future of your site is on the line. Who wants to write their own content? Content is boring, how do you come up with titles and how do you make sure you hit those target keyword densities? It can be frustrating, but you can grow as  a business person once you start writing! You won’t need others to explain your audience to you, and you’ll be able to identify who you’re marketing products with and interact with them. Here we’re going to talk about how you can move beyond the blank page and create smashing content for your own website.

Who Are You Writing For?

Writing the company blog can suck, but it doesn’t have to. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, just who are you writing for? What are your customers looking for? What do they want to know about your products and services, and what do they NEED to know? Will your audience appreciate some levity in the content, or will you need to keep it a little tame? Understanding who you audience is and what they want is the first step to making great content.

What Are They Looking For?

Once you’ve identified your audience, you need to identify what they’re looking for; specifically, you want keywords that they’ll use to find you on the web. You can use the free Google Adwords tool to find keywords that people use to find sites just like yours, and learn to write your content with those keywords throughout your content. Always make sure it’s in atleast the title, in the first and last paragraph plus interspersed throughout the rest of the page too.

It’s All About You!

And not you, the writer but them, the audience. The audience doesn’t care about what you have to say (which sounds awful, but it’s true!), they want to hear you discuss their problems and dreams, their wants and desires. Always address them as you, be informal (if the situation calls for it) and always be informative! Never use the pronoun “one”, as this can drive people away. Something about the word one can upset people on a visceral level, so opt for you, your and your’s.

Start Writing

When you start writing, you’ll want to:

  • Write down two headers; one you want to write, one you think your audience will like more.
  • Write an introduction paragraph; it should be 20-25% of the article. If you’re writing 500 words, make it 100-125 words for example.
  • Write down three “steps”; this can be how to solve a problem, three cool features of a product, etc.
  • Make a mini-header for each paragraph; people scan articles! You want bold catchy texts to keep them reading throughout.
  • Dazzle them in the end! Your conclusion should be just as awesome as you beginning to keep their attention throughout the article.

Now you know how to write your own content, so give it a whirl!

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