How to Establish Your Brand Online

While using the internet to build your brand is easier than the alternative 20 years ago, it can still be hard to do. From owning your own domain name to having a social media presence, you can build and establish an online presence that will get you the customers you need to survive online. Here I’ll show you how to establish your brand online in three easy steps!

Get a Domain

If you have a company, use the name of it for your domain name; if you’re just working for yourself or are a consultant etc., you need to use your own name so people can find you online. Most domains are extremely cheap, and you can get them anywhere from $5 to $50 depending on what the TLD (top level domain) is. .TV and .Mobile domains can cost more, but .com, .net and .org are usually on the cheap side and you only have to pay for them once a year.

Once you have a domain, you need to create an email address to tie it all together. When you have business communications with clients and contractors, they need to see what domain is yours and how to contact you. Having your own domain goes a long way to establishing your brand identity online.

Create Your Own Website

You want to present a professional image to people checking out your domain, and to do this you’re going to need a website design. While you might be tempted to get a generic wordpress template and hope for the best, don’t do it! Your website is like your store front, it needs to be appealing to those coming to it and have a clear message and call to action for people to look at. Follow the AIDA principle: attention, interest, desire and action; if you design your site around these principals you’ll be able to get your brand up and running in no time.


Advertising your domain is important; put it on all of your emails and printed materials! If people who are buying your products or reading your brochures don’t know your website, how are they going to find it? Advertising isn’t just about paying money and putting banners up on websites; it’s also about using what space you have wisely to communicate with your audience. In the signature of all your emails or forum postings, you need to put your web address so people can find you more. This will also give you backlinks and help get your site higher in the search rankings, so don’t neglect it!

Establishing your brand online can be tough, but it all starts with getting your own domain, having a website and getting the word out about your site, you and what you’re offering. It’s important to define your brand identity before your competition does it for you; work with a professional who knows your business and can help you rise to the top!

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