Four Elements of a Quality Website Design

When you’ve made the leap to a professional custom web design, you want to make sure it’s good! But unless you’ve been designing sites for a while, it may be hard to know what’s great and what’s fluff; here we’re going to go over everything you need to know to have a quality web design, and things to look out for that might be missing from your own design! Let’s get started.

Does Your Website Use a CMS?

A CMS, or content management system, helps site owners have a better grip on their websites without having to worry about understanding a lot of programming or code. WordPress is by FAR the best CMS out there, so if your website design is based on WordPress you’re in good hands. There are other CMSs based mainly around ecommerce and forum use like Drupal and Joomla, but there are so many we can’t mention them all here. You’ll want to make sure your designer is working with a popular CMS so if you ever need updates you will be able to find someone who can fix it.

Does Your Design Observe Best Design Practices?

Are the colours being used for your design associated with your niche or industry? Is the site easy on the eyes and welcoming? These kinds of things must be considered when you’re getting your custom web design created. A good designer will understand the flow of information and how to best represent it visually on the page.

Does Each Piece of Information Have a Home?

Might sounds strange, but each part of the site should have its own place on the site. The header and the navigation should be easily recognisable and not just one jumbled mess. Each part of the site from the sidebar, main text, footers and headers should be easy to find and have a clear path. This doesn’t mean you have to use big white or black lines to break them up, but you should make sure they make sense. You will also want to make sure each page like about us, contact us, etc. have their own pages and are easy to find in the navbar. Look at your favorite sites for inspiration.

Is the Code Compliant and Fast?

When most of us think of graphic design, we don’t even think of the code behind it. Great code that’s optimized for the web will increase download times; think of all the people who are using mobile phones to access your website, you want to make sure that they can access your site just as easily as anyone else!

Quality website design is all about speed, ease of use (for both you and visitors) and utilizing best design practices. Good designers will be able to help you make sure you hit your target, and they’ll be able to take your dreams for a winning website and turn it into a reality!

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