Five Logo Design Tips to Make Your Logo Rock

Making sure you get the best logo for your business is hard, but how do you know what you’re getting? Designers hold their secrets a little close to their chest, so you don’t always know what little tweaks will give you a great logo. Here we’re going to go over the five top design tweaks and tips to make sure that you get a good logo the first time, and if you already have a logo you can use these tips to improve it and keep it for years to come.

Make Your Logo Unique and Creative

Making your logo creative and unique; making sure that your logo doesn’t look like any other logo in your niche (who wants a lawsuit for violating copyright?), you’ll want to hire a smart designer who can help you build a design that works for you. While it’s okay to be inspired by other logos in your niche or area of business, you’ll want to try and keep it as far away as you can with inventive uses of shape, colour and text.

Simple Logos are Better Logos

Think about different logos; the simpler logos are probably the ones that come to mind first for you! While it might be tempting to make a complex logo to convey your complex ideas, you want to just go as simple as possible. People are visual creatures, and you need to cater to that with your logo. Be clear with clever uses of text and go as minimalistic as possible.

Avoid Trends

Avoiding trends is one of the most important things you can do; what’s cute today will look like garbage tomorrow, and no one wants to spend good money on something that won’t survive. If you look at some of the best logos like Coca-Cola, Nike or McDonald’s for example, you’ll notice that most of the updates over time were simple improvements on great designs instead of full on overhauls. You want your original logo to be solid enough that you can just have it updated when needed.

Use Natural Colours

Very few brands benefit from unnatural colour schemes. You’ll want to make your logo with natural colours that have research behind them that help your customers identify what your business actually does. A good designer will help you find the right colours to use for your logo, so don’t worry about choosing them yourself if you get lost.

Use Shapes and Forms Wisely

A good logo doesn’t have to have a lot of clutter, so you want to make sure that you’re making use of shapes and forms in the design. Use shapes that are as simple as possible so you can get your ideas across in a cogent manner.

By using these five tips to make your logo design rock, you’ll be able to have something inventive and totally you to show the world what you and your business is really about.

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