Five Easy SEO Tricks to Rocket You to the Top of Google

We’ve all heard about SEO, but most of the information out there is just junk. Let’s face it, if you’re looking at this article you want to know how to start getting results and start getting relevant SEO traffic coming to your site, but you want to do it organically, then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for real organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others, keep reading!

Internal Backlinks

You know you can link within your own site right? You don’t have to just link INTO your website, or link outside to other places! Internal backlinks are a great way to make the most of your links, and you wont’ be penalized for linking within your site once or twice on each page; one thing to note is that you’re going to want to be careful about doing it every other word! You don’t want to go too crazy trying to link within your own site.

Rock Your Website Content

Your website content is what Google sees about you, so rock it! If you’re not a great writer, hire someone to write your content for you! Whatever you do, make sure you have that website content there for the search engines to find, and of course you want something great for your users to read. Only publish content that you find interesting, because if it’s interesting to you it’s going  to (hopefully) be interesting to your readers too!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Getting great SEO is all a matter of doing it right and then waiting for the search engines to start giving you that link love you need to be successful. You’ll want to wait a while before you build more links (more is not always better), and being patient will go a long way towards helping you meet your SEO goals. There is no such thing as getting to page one in a single day, no matter what some system tells you.

Create Smashing Titles

A smashing title will help people FIND you! You don’t have to advertise nearly as much as you might thing, and a more colourful title will go a long way towards making sure that your website gets indexed. Your titles need to be keyword rich, meaning you should have a keyword in the beginning and a related keyword at the end. Make sure the keyword or key phrase that your visitors are looking for shows up!

Great Backlinks

Backlinks from other places like blog comments, forum and social media profiles, article marketing sites and more are vital to getting your SEO in the right place. You’ll be amazed how some good quality links back to your site will help Google find you and index you, and it’ll also establish you as an authority in your niche so you can start getting more organic traffic back to your website too!

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