Everything You Need to Know about Web Design and SEO Services

When you’re ready to bring your website to the next level, you’re ready to learn more about SEO services and web designing services. Having a website online is just part of the success puzzle, you’ll need to make sure you have a great design and SEO services to promote your site in the search engines where your customers are already looking for you! Why advertise when people are already looking for you, and all you have to do is let them know that you’re there?  Here we’re going to go over everything YOU need to know to be successful online, so let’s get started!

Web Designing Services

There are as many companies online offering web designing services as there are websites! You’ll be able to find great deals, but you’ll want to make sure that the person working on your custom website design knows what they’re doing; see if they have examples and references to show you who they’ve worked for, as well as some helpful information for you (like we do!) to better understand the design process.

A good grasp of user interface design (making the flow of information easier for people to use, for example the navigation menus) and colour theory will go a long way towards making your web design a great one! Each niche and industry will have certain colours that will make it resonate with your target audience, and negative colours that will turn them off as soon as they get to the site.

SEO Services

SEO and web design are very different; a web design is how your site looks, and SEO is how people find your site. If you write a lot of articles about shoes for example on your website, Google will think you’re a shoe site. If you target these keywords in a certain way along with different ones related to the topic, these are known as LSI keywords. LSI keywords help the search engines like Google know that a human wrote this content and that it’s actually a site worth seeing.

There are many kinds of SEO services online, and each business’ needs will be different. You may already rank for one keyword but want to start pulling people in with other search keywords, or maybe you just need good content for your site. You’ll want to talk to the company before you hire them and see if they have examples of keywords that they brought to the front page of Google, and if they have any former clients that you can talk to.

Professional Services Help Your Site

Professional services help your website get seen; if you have great SEO people will be able to find your site much faster and trust you more, and when you have a good graphic design you’ll be able to show people you’re serious about your online business. When you’re ready to make the jump to a professional website, invest in SEO services and a great web design to set you apart from your competitors!

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