Establishing Trust with Search Engines

Establishing trust with search engines can be hard, but you can do it! Think about it, search engines serve billions daily and you have to prove yourself as someone who is trustworthy and has something of real value to offer a search engine’s visitors. If people don’t trust the search engines they’re not going to use them; it’s the duty of every search engine to make sure that everyone is able to get good results without being hit by a big fat pink wall of spam. Here we’re going to go over the different ways that you can establish trust online, and why you NEED to establish trust too!

Why Are Search Engines so Skittish?

To understand why you have to hop through so many hoops, you have to know where they’re coming from. For years people have been finding loopholes in all of the algorithms to gain high ranking SERPs (search engine ranking positions) for highly sought after keywords, but offering little value in return to visitors. Think of search engines as a battered woman, if her partners (websites) keep beating her, how is she ever going to trust someone new in her life? Search engines are just like this, and you’ll have to show them that you can provide them with value.

Don’t Use Code Tricks

There are a lot of code tricks like page redirects, meta-tag wizardry and more that are designed to trick the search engines. These grey hat (sometimes black hat) tricks might work for a little while, but eventually the search engines will catch onto what you’re doing. You don’t want them to figure it out, but they will; that’s why people are so freaked out by the Panda update. Every time people find a new trick to bamboozle the search engines, the search engines adapt and beat you at your own game.

Be Honest and Provide Value

No matter what you’re selling online, you need to be honest about your services and provide real value to get eyeballs on the page. You need copy (text) on every single page, at least 300 words, to explain why that page is there and why people need to read it. If you have a lot of ecommerce pages, you’ll find that you can’t always hit that target but there is something you can do: rewrite your descriptions. Provide unique descriptions for your items so the search engines can tell your website apart from everyone else who is selling the same items that you are. You need to show the search engines that you’re not just another sniper site trying to turn a fast profit, that you’re here to stay and you want to really add something to the internet instead of taking something away.

Earning the trust of search engines is easy; be honest, give something of value and really put effort into your website! Set yourself apart from the competition and you’ll be able to start rising in the search engine rankings.

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