The Importance of Fonts in Logo Design

Every company is unique, and creating the right brand identity for advertising online and offline is an important step to cementing your presence. How do you figure out what logo  is right for you, and what font really represents what your company stands for. Selecting the right font can be hard, and that’s why you should always work with a graphic designer who has experience with a wide range of logos and business (and brand creation helps too!) to make sure you get the best representation of your company possible. Here, we’ll be showing you what fonts work with what kinds of businesses in general, and what you need to have a logo design that helps people recognize who you are and what you do.

Serif and Sans Serif

serif font example

Serif fonts are solid and beautiful, giving you an air of sophistication; think of the New York Times, the headline font for it is a Serif font that really grabs your attention. Great for news organizations and others who want to appear sturdy and timeless, you’ll be able to establish yourself to last through the ages with this kind of font. Sans Serif are more simple than their Serif counterparts and impart a plain matter of fact look that gives you an approachability and more modern feel than plain Serif fonts. If you want to pop on the page, Sans Serif helps.


Scripts and Handwriting

logo example

Scripts are just what they say, calligraphy fonts that have that extra touch that gives you a sophistication and elegance that people crave. If you’re in the business of selling opulence, script fonts are a great companion for your brand. These are great for logo design and such, but you don’t want to use them in all of your materials. They’re there to give you a touch of beauty, not an overpowering feel that frightens people away. Handwriting fonts are also pretty easy, they’re handwriting! Here you’ll get the more personal touch with recognisability that helps people identify with your brand, as well as easy to read (the best are plain and a little quirky) so your audience knows what they’re looking at. For a light hearted personal feel, you’ll love a handwriting font for your logo.


Modern type, like Helvetica and others, give you a beautiful, easy and minimalistic way to communicate with your audience in a single image or word. Look at Apple’s font; it was considered a little futuristic in the beginning, but now you’ll see that many other companies have taken their lead and it’s more commonplace. If you want to show people you’re ahead of the game with a clear clean crisp design, modern fonts are the right way to go.

These are just a few popular fonts that people use to communicate with people online and offline, and there are many more that might be suitable for your business or your logo. You’ll need to hire a professional who can help you determine what logo is right for you and more importantly what font is right for your business.

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3 Common Logo Design Mistakes

 logo design mistakes

How NOT to Design Your Logo

While most people will tell you what you should do to create the brand impression that every single customer and potential customer will see, here we’re going to talk about what you SHOULDN’T do when making your logo. Everyone makes mistakes, but why not avoid the easy ones?

DON’T #1: Beware of the Trends Trap

Everyone Loves a Trendy Logo….” – Bob from Accounting

Remember when the whole Web 2.0 thing happened, and everyone was in love with words wrapped in bubble logos that had no vowels? Entire brands sprouted up overnight with the same look and glassy mirror reflections that just dripped sophistication. That was a few years ago, and now we’re all looking back with a sceptical eye and hoping for simple designs and Helvetica fonts. Your design needs to be able to stand the test of time, be simple and give you brand identity (when people see it, they know it’s you).

Don’t #2: Leave Raster Formats for Vacation Photos

“Vector what?”

Anyone who’s turning in your logo (other than previews) in JPG, GIF or PNG format, also known as raster formats, is not the right person to bring your brand to the web. You need a vector image to get the true scalability; vectors are actually plot points and a mathematical equation that tells the vector program where everything goes. When your logo design is vector, you’ll be able to scale it down to half an inch with no loss in quality, or up to a thousand foot banner again with no loss in quality. When ordering your logo, always ask for a “raster preview” and a vector file for the finished product; this’ll let you see how work is moving along and give you the freedom to scale up later.

Don’t #3: Amateur Design Sinks the Boat

“I don’t need a designer; I can use a free logo generator!” – Famous last words online

In design you get what you pay for. There are plenty of free logo generators online, and plenty of free designers out there who are trying to get work… but do you really want to leave your big brand reveal to chance or inexperience? You can easily spend thousands on employees, software and computers, but why wouldn’t you put the same money into your brand? Your logo is the first thing people see on a business card, the first thing they look for on your website, and you want them to recognize you!  Your logo design sets you apart from your competition who decided to go the cheap route; don’t get lost in a sea of ordinary when you can put your best foot forward.

When hiring a designer, ask for samples of their previous work. Ask them what best design practices they employ, what colors would create a commonality with your audience, and what they can do to make a real statement for your company. Every company is unique, and your logo needs to reflect that.

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Logo Design Trends Heading into 2012

If you are thinking of having a logo designed for a new or existing business, you’ll want to make sure you are getting a design that is current, eye-catching and will stand the test of time.

The worst thing you can do is to have a logo that appears dated and holds back the style and message of your company. Logos, like any  business, is forever evolving and changing.

Here are several of the top trends within the design industry leading into 2012:

2011-2012 Logo Design Trends

Simple is Better

Quality business logo designs all have one popular attribute, simplification. Take for instance the Starbucks logo. Their old logo, a Greek goddess-like female in the middle of a green band with the Starbucks name, has been substituted for a simpler approach. The same can be said for many popular brands, including Nike, Pepsi, Shell and of course Apple.

Starbucks Logos

Emphasizing Words Using Colour Coordination

Making use of colour, borders and shading to emphasize words is gaining popularity every year. Using this method produces very clean, straightforward, contemporary logos. Highlighting the use of Color-Coordinated Words is twitpic.

Logo Designs Incorporating Speech Bubbles

Even though they have been around for years, the speech bubble is making a return. Not anymore limited to comic books, speech bubbles have become popular for communication and social media companies. Many companies including AIM, Technorati, Lifeblogger and even the TV channel Bravo have opted for this modern web 2.0 design.

AIM Logo

Quadrangles, Parallelograms and Warped Shapes

This is a great example of web 2.0 logo designs.  We’ve moved past the days of standard rectangles, squares and circles and have moved into a more modern and contemporary design field.  Off balance shapes are rising in recognition when it comes to new business logo designs. A Quadrangle is like a rectangle or maybe a square extended as well as deformed into different shapes.

Take the company Groupon for example – The design isn’t a square and it’s certainly not a rectangle, but whatever it is, it’s becoming a very popular and powerful tool for modern logos.

Groupon Logo

Connected Nodes and Hubs

Logo designs which incorporate connected nodes and hubs are mainly created to symbolize the interconnections between social media and the World Wide Web. If you have a business that is based online or that includes networking or many elements, than this design could be right for you.

In the upcoming year we are going to see many logo simplified, with crisp, clean shapes that are memorable and modern.  The new design trends can be summed up in two words (or one word and some numbers!) WEB 2.0.  This is the future of business design as social media, and interconnectivity across the web is what will drive business through the next 20 years.

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