Three Reasons Custom Logo Design is the Way to Go

Logo design is important for every kind of business, but are you sure it’s right for yours? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking that you can design your own logo and save yourself some money. It sounds like a great plan; one problem though: if you’re not a designer you shouldn’t try designing logos. Sure, logo designing looks really simple, but it’s difficult and you need to understand colour theory and shape psychology. When you want a logo that’s going to resonate with your audience and really communicate something, you need a professional to design your logo! Here we’re going to go over the reasons why you need a real custom logo design and how it’ll help your business. Let’s get started!

  • Get Your Face Out There

Whether you’re a brand new business who is trying to establish your brand and audience, or if you’re an established business that wants to take its brand in another direction, you’re going to want to have a logo that projects success and confidence. A custom logo design can make the difference between a brand that gets noticed and one that makes people wonder what you’re about and why they should care.

  • Go Dynamic!

You can put a logo on virtually anything these days, and when you get that kind of visibility you want to make sure that it’s the best you can do! A great logo design will be able to go on everything from apparel and merchandise to promotional materials like business cards and fliers. You want to be able to blow it up to the size of a billboard, so you’ll want to make sure you get your logo from the designer in a dynamic format like vector.

  • Make an Impression

The whole point of a custom logo design is to make that brand impression! You want people to look at your logo and KNOW what you’re talking about. You want to become a memorable brand in your area or your niche? You are going to have to start taking the steps to creating a memorable brand; this means you’re going to have to have a dynamic impactful logo that tells people who you are and what you’re about! The right custom logo design will carry you through the years and build your brand recognition; your customers create the brand, all you can do is hope to steer its direction!

So if you already have a logo and are considering redesigning, you probably should; if you’re a new business who needs a logo, you definitely should. You’ll want to look at different design companies (like us!) to get your design done, but you’ll need to check out their portfolio to see what kind of work they’ve done before. You want someone who has some experience with businesses like your own, so you can be sure that you’re getting someone who can do the best work for your business!

Should You Revamp Your Logo?

A logo is your business’ first point of contact with the world, but is yours effective? Logos are a labour of love and knowledge; without either part you’ll end up with a bad logo that could actually hurt your image. While there are no real rules for logo design, here we’ll be going over a checklist of things you can do to make sure you have the best logo possible. Let’s go!

Is it Trendy?

If your logo is trendy, that’s bad. Sure, right now people are going to look at your logo’s bubble sticker effects and have an affinity towards it, but when the next web 2.0 trend rolls along will they even remember that you exist? Trendy is bad, but durable is where you want to be. Look at the logo for Coca Cola; they’ve rarely had to change it in 100 years because they did it right the first time.

Does it Stand Out?

Does your logo stand out in the crowd or does it blend in? You want your logo to stand out and be special! This is the impact statement, the impression you need to make on your audience. Every time they see your logo they should thing “Aha! It’s such and such company and they can give me a good deal on x and y.” When people think of the products and services you provide, you want them to think about you and what you’re offering before they think of your competitors. Your logos is the entry point to branding, so don’t neglect it.

Can You Use It?

So you have a fantastic logo that looks great on a screen, but when you print it for door hangings it’s horrible… it’s just no usable. A great logo is going to transfer across all mediums: business cards, vinyl decals, billboards, signage, websites and more. You need that usability factor in your logo to make sure you can get your image out there and that you get the most for your money.

Does it Make Sense?

This is a biggy when dealing with logo design. Does your design actually make any sense? Is it a dump truck with clowns on the back of it for a cake shop? If so, it’s probably not making sense. While a little whacky is fun, you don’t want to go so far out there that no one can understand what you’re trying to say. You also want the colours to make sense as well, since each kind of business has positive and negative connotation colours.

If you have problem areas with your logo, you need them to be addressed by a professional design team (like us!) who will be able to help you capture the essence of your business with an effective durable logo. With the right application of colour theory, geometric shapes (very few businesses need non-geometric shapes incorporated in the logo) and custom lettering you can have a logo that will get you the results you need.

The Importance of Colour in Brand Identity

Colours are such a major part of our lives. We base our personalities on them, we pick just one to be our favourite, and many people decorate their whole house in just one colour! Colour can make customers associate your brand with anything from tough and durable to soft and delicious; suffice it to say that you want to pay attention to the importance of colour for your brand identity. Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know so you can get a handle on your brand, so keep reading!

What is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity isn’t something that you can really control completely but you can help shape it. When you think of Coca Cola you probably think “soda”, “refreshing”, etc. This is party of their brand identity. You’ll also think of the iconic red and white colours along with perhaps the Santa holiday branding they’ve created as well. Red and white would be Coca Cola’s colour branding. Red is a very common colour for food and consumable brands; Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, all of these use red to imprint on customers. You need to use your colours just as wisely!

What Kind of Business are You?

Before you try to figure out what colour represents your business best, you have to think about what kind of business you are. Look at businesses like your own and see what they use. What colours are memorable about them and will they work for you? If you’re a construction company, you’ll want to use construction colours like steel, yellow and orange. If you’re a real estate agency you’ll want to use blue, white and grey. These are just examples but you’ll really want to think about what your brand colours should be.

Hire a Professional

While you can research colours and consumer psychology as much as you like, you’re going to need to hire a professional to get the best brand identity. A design team (like us!) will be able to help you select the right colours and even cycle through different colours to see how people react to different combinations. Your customers create your brand, you and your designer can only hope to give a positive impression out of the gate to get people to love you and associate you with a solution to their problems. If Google had picked a serious name and a serious colour scheme, do you think they would have been a successful as they are today? It’s something to think about.

Colours are part of our lives and you can’t avoid the importance when building your brand identity. Apple has a clean white look that makes people associate them with a clean simple lifestyle. How do you want your customers to perceive you? By working with a designer you’ll be able to craft your brand and get loyal customers who will come back to you again and again.

What Sets A Free Logo Apart from a Professional Logo Design?

It can be hard to figure out why you really should shell out money to get a great logo design; if you can get all this stuff for free, why should you have to pay for it? To understand why you should put some cash down on your next logo design, you need to know what really sets the two apart! Before you spend any money, you really need to know what a good design is and how to choose a good designer (or try and wing it on your own). If you want to know why you need a professional designer, keep reading!

Free Logo Makers are Expensive

It’s a free logo maker, how the heck is it expensive? A free logo can actually be one of the most expensive mistakes you ever make; people need to remember your logo and if you’re using generic elements without any design principals in mind, people just aren’t going to remember you. It’s nothing against you or against free stuff, it’s just your logo is the face of your business. It needs to be special and interesting, just like the services and products your company provides!

Are Professional Design Companies Worth the Money?

The answer to this question is really up to the logo design company that you choose to work on your professional logo design. Some companies are bad and you’ll be throwing away all of your money on something that won’t help you, while other companies will give you the value and logo you need to start building up your brand. But how do you tell the good from the bad, and how do you know that your logo is going to help you be successful?

Choosing the Right Professional Logo Design Team for You

When you’re looking for the right people to work on your logo, you’re going to want to see their portfolio. They need to have worked on something similar to your own business before, and you should be able to look at their logo designs and go “Aha!” and really get what they are trying to say. If you don’t like their logos in their portfolio, you’re probably not going to like what they create for you.

How Much do Logos Cost?

Figuring out the cost of your logo can be tricky, but it’ll boil down to three things:

  • How many people work on your logo
  • How much time is spent on your logo (including adjustments, changes, fixes)
  • How much you want to spend

If a design company can figure out fast enough that the sky is the limit, some of them are going to take you for all you’ve got! You need to set a budget with the design team BEFORE they start working on your design; don’t feel bad if you want to try and get a better deal than what they’re offering. Just remember that you’re going to want to spend money to make money and get a great design, and you’ll do great!

What is Successful Logo Design?

Who doesn’t want a successful logo design that both speaks to your audience but is also easy on the eyes? Your logo has to be memorable to your audience (when your logo design is successful it’s the corner stone of your corporate brand identity) so they identify with your company when they need you, and it also has to get them excited about what products or services you’re offering. But what do people want? What is colour theory, and why is incorporating simple geometric shapes important in a logo? All of these questions and more will be explained!

“Can’t I Just Design My Own Logo?”

I’ve heard this time and time again, “Why can’t I just design my own logo?” Sure, you have Photoshop or MS Paint and a cool font you downloaded, but a logo design is more than the name of your company and a swirly background. Logos are carefully crafted (at least when done right) with geometric shapes and unique fonts. The colours selected are chosen because customers in that business associate it with positive experiences and emotions. Everything about a successful logo design is carefully chosen and researched.

While you could design your own logo, that doesn’t mean you should design your own logo. You want your logo to carry the same air of professionalism that you do in the rest of your business. Many small businesses have launched and failed on a botched logo. Don’t let this be you.

“Logos are Too Expensive.”

Another issue people have with logo design in general is the cost. A logo is the graphical representation of your business; this is the first thing people see when they come in contact with you via a business card, your e-commerce website or on print materials. You want to make a good lasting impression! With so much that goes into a successful logo design like research, colour theory, designing a custom font and more, logos are an investment. It’s an investment that pays off if you can find the right designer to help you get the logo that will catapult your business ahead of the competition.

“Finding the Right Designer is Like Finding the Right Pair of Shoes.”

Finding the right designer to bring your logo dreams into reality is a process of elimination. You’ll need to find a good designer (like us!) who has a portfolio. Look it over and see if they’ve worked on logos for businesses similar to your own. Look at their rates and see if it’s something you can afford. If those two things work out, contact them and ask for references. Anyone can create a portfolio of logos, but having current and former clients on hand who will speak with potential clients is something altogether. It means they did such a good job they’ll vouch for them.

You need a successful logo design to get ahead, but you also need one that’s tailored to your business and your personal needs. We can help you with your logo today!

Making an Impact with Logo Design

Logo design isn’t just about pretty pictures; you’re going to need to have a memorable logo that influences your audience and tells them who you are all at the same time. This might seem like a hard thing to do, but in the hands of the right logo designer you’re going to be able to get your message across and have a beautiful logo that really says something about your company. While you might be tempted to design your own logo, this is one of those things that’s better left in the hands of a professional who understands the ebbs and flows of consumer psychology.

Logo Leads Marketing

When you’re working on your marketing strategy (online or offline), you’re going to have to take your logo into consideration; more importantly you’re going to have to look at what you’re marketing! Your product should ALWAYS come before the logo, since a logo is there to communicate a message. If you have no product, you have no message and making a logo is pointless; without a message a logo is just a pretty picture.

Strong versus Soft

A strong logo might seem like the way to go, but you need to try and puzzle out who your customer is (which you probably did during the product development and marketing research phase, if not don’t skip this important step!) and what they want. If you’re selling dryer sheets or socks for example to women, you may want to go with a soft happy logo that makes them associate that with your brand. If you’re selling “Adventure Action Socks” to men, you can go with a strong logo, angular lines and bold colours. It’s all about appealing to your core audience, and not every corporate branding is going to need those strong lines and colours to be successful.

Logo Integrity and Format

Before you begin to design your logo, you need to discuss with the designer what format it will be provided in. If they offer you a final “raster” copy, but no “vector”, you need to find another designer fast. Raster images are like your family photos; they’re difficult to blow up and make strong lines soft and blurry. A vector formatted logo is the best you can get, since it can be blown up to any resolution and down to a postal stamp if need be. Vector gives you the versatility you need to grow with your logo, and you’ll have more avenues of advertising and promotion down the road that will give you the best value for your logo.

Print Before You Pay

Before you pay for any logo design (usually the last half, but arrangements vary), you need to see your design printed on paper; you can ask for an assortment like on glossy paper for promotional materials, on matte paper like an envelope or something else you will be using. This will let you see what it looks like on paper, and help you decide if the design is something you can actually use. If the designer refuses to do this step, walk away! You should never pay sight unseen.

The Four Rules of Logo Design

Getting a great logo design that’s going to stand the test of time is the goal when you hire a logo designer to create your logo, but how do you get there? How do you know the logo you’re buying is actually worth what you’re paying for it, and how do you know it won’t fall flat in a year or two? Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know about logos and how you can make your logo evergreen, beautiful and make your brand identity count.

Colour Isn’t as Important as You Think

Colour isn’t as important as you might think; shape and form is a lot more important to logo design and will give you impact without taking a bright red sledgehammer of colour to it. You can be subtle with brand identity and still get the point across, so don’t be afraid to go easy on the colour! You’ll also want to make sure that there’s a heavy emphasis on design over colour; colour should be the last thing you work on (or your designer works on, so to speak), so if it looks good in black and white it’ll look great in whatever colours you choose!

Make it Original

Making your logo design original is one of the most important things you can do. An original logo design will give you everything you need to stand out from the crowd of your competition, and you’ll be able to really make an impact with brand recognition. You will also be able to avoid all the pitfalls of an intellectual copyright/property lawsuit from “borrowing” elements of someone else’s design.

Say No to Trends

Saying no to trends is one of the best things you can do, but you don’t want to have a logo design that looks dated either. You’ll want to stay away from anything that looks like a lot of Photoshop filters were used on it, and anything that looks too trendy. Trends are great, but your logo needs to carry you through a ten year period at least and we all know what happened to those wonderful web 2.0 logos that are collecting dust in some designer’s recycle bin.

Pay Attention to Height and Width

Height and width are important with a great logo design; you’re going to want to make sure that the footprint is small, but you want it to make an impact too. You’ll need to balance between the width and the height of your logo so you don’t end up too top heavy. You’ll also want to pay attention to the use of shapes and forms with the size of your logo, if one shape is too long or too large it can throw off the balance of the rest of the logo design.

Now you know everything you need to about logo design! Don’t be afraid to ask the designer if you think something is throwing off the balance, or if there is too much of an emphasis on colours.

How Cheap and Bad Logos Will Ruin Your Business

Nothing like getting straight to the point! When you think about cheap (cheap looking, not good affordable logos!) and bad logos, you think of someone who’s on the path to ruin. No one wants a bad logo, but bad choices lead to bad logos! Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know to avoid getting a bad logo for your business or start up, and how to swing a fantastic logo at a decent price that will help you establish brand identity for years to come.

Bad Logos are Like Bad Hair

Strange analogy, but true. We all start out with the best of intentions, but somewhere down the road things go wrong. They go horribly wrong. Maybe you needed a new sign for your business and decided that a logo just wasn’t important enough to be fussing about. A logo is just important to your business as having computers, getting the utilities turned on and all the other things that keep the world turning! The last thing you want to do is have a bag logo.

How do Bad Logos Happen?

Bad logos are a product of sloppy design work. Maybe you hired the cheapest designer out there, maybe you tried to design your own logo, maybe you just typed some letters on a screen and started using it as a logo. The truth is to get a great logo you’re going to have to understand how design works, how colours play on one another and how people give positive and negative attributes to different colours depending on what the logo is related to. Red in a construction or a bank logo is fantastic, but red in logo for something else can upset your core audience. You have to make sure that it all works together in tandem to get you the results you need to be successful.

Great Logos are Unique

If you want to have a great logo and avoid the permanent bad hair day that a bad logo is going to give you, you need someone who knows what they’re doing to design your logo. A cheap designer could end up swiping elements of your logo and leaving you open for a lawsuit on down the road, so you want to make sure that your logo is unique and suits you and your business.

But how do you pick a good design company? There are so many of them, and you’ll want to really scrutinize the companies you look at. Do they have a portfolio that you can check out and make sure that their style and skills are up to the level you need? Do they have previous and/or current clients that you can talk to and learn what kind of style and work they do? You want references; you don’t want to pay for something that you aren’t sure you’re even going to get. Avoid a bad design with a good designer!

How to Make Your Logo Memorable

Making your logo memorable is the center point of actually having a logo. If people can’t remember who you are, what’s the point in even having a logo? You logo needs to be unique, memorable, and have that emotional impact that creates the brand connection your company needs to survive. I don’t know how many small businesses I’ve seen over the years who threw their money away on trends when what they really needed was impact; before you hire someone to create your logo, you need to know what makes a logo great! Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know to have a memorable logo, so let’s get started!

A Great Logo Needs to be Planned

When you’re designing your logo, you shouldn’t just go at it with guns blazing! You need to make sure that you start planning ahead and think about what you want your logo to convey. What do you see your logo doing, what will you be promoting with your logo? What does it need to convey? These may be some tough questions for you, but you need to know what’s going on before you even start designing your logo. If you can’t answer these questions, consider hiring a designer or professional design company to help you get the right message across.

A Fantastic Logo is Unique

The last thing you want to do is have a logo that looks like someone else’s! You’ll want a unique logo to get that memorable factor; while it might seem like if you copy an idea that’s well known you’ll get the brand association and more sales, you’ll probably just end up with a lawsuit. In the end it’s just not worth it, so make sure that you make your logo as unique as possible, and make it reflect your business.

Follow the KISS Method

Keep it Simple! You’ll want to make sure that you’re getting across the most information in the shortest amount of time, and you should always aim to get the best looking logo possible, but you want to make sure it’s not cluttered with stuff that just doesn’t matter. Establishing yourself, your business as an authority is one of the most important thing you can do with your logo! It’s crazy how something so simple can really give you the edge you need over your competition.

Make it Professional

If you really want your logo design to be successful and memorable, you’re going to need that professional touch to help you convey everything in a smart way. You want to touch people in a visceral way that makes them remember you, but you have to be careful that you don’t fall the other way into making them hate you because you used the wrong colours.

If you can follow these rules, you’ll be able to make your logo memorable and help people really build an emotional attachment to your company and your brand. Being memorable is more important than being trendy, so make sure your logo is built to last!

Five Logo Design Tips to Make Your Logo Rock

Making sure you get the best logo for your business is hard, but how do you know what you’re getting? Designers hold their secrets a little close to their chest, so you don’t always know what little tweaks will give you a great logo. Here we’re going to go over the five top design tweaks and tips to make sure that you get a good logo the first time, and if you already have a logo you can use these tips to improve it and keep it for years to come.

Make Your Logo Unique and Creative

Making your logo creative and unique; making sure that your logo doesn’t look like any other logo in your niche (who wants a lawsuit for violating copyright?), you’ll want to hire a smart designer who can help you build a design that works for you. While it’s okay to be inspired by other logos in your niche or area of business, you’ll want to try and keep it as far away as you can with inventive uses of shape, colour and text.

Simple Logos are Better Logos

Think about different logos; the simpler logos are probably the ones that come to mind first for you! While it might be tempting to make a complex logo to convey your complex ideas, you want to just go as simple as possible. People are visual creatures, and you need to cater to that with your logo. Be clear with clever uses of text and go as minimalistic as possible.

Avoid Trends

Avoiding trends is one of the most important things you can do; what’s cute today will look like garbage tomorrow, and no one wants to spend good money on something that won’t survive. If you look at some of the best logos like Coca-Cola, Nike or McDonald’s for example, you’ll notice that most of the updates over time were simple improvements on great designs instead of full on overhauls. You want your original logo to be solid enough that you can just have it updated when needed.

Use Natural Colours

Very few brands benefit from unnatural colour schemes. You’ll want to make your logo with natural colours that have research behind them that help your customers identify what your business actually does. A good designer will help you find the right colours to use for your logo, so don’t worry about choosing them yourself if you get lost.

Use Shapes and Forms Wisely

A good logo doesn’t have to have a lot of clutter, so you want to make sure that you’re making use of shapes and forms in the design. Use shapes that are as simple as possible so you can get your ideas across in a cogent manner.

By using these five tips to make your logo design rock, you’ll be able to have something inventive and totally you to show the world what you and your business is really about.