Can a Mobile App Replace a Realtor?

You better start providing more value to your clients or you could wind up a victim of the APPSTORE! Seriously though, more and more people are turning to apps when they can’t reach a realtor to buy real estate. There are apps that will help buyers figure out the property value, apps that will help buyers and sellers to negotiate the price up or down as they see fit.  But let’s face it, a computer is probably never going to be able to replace a realtor – people don’t go to them for services like that anyway.

What Value do You Provide?

People don’t want to be serviced, they want a relationship with someone they can trust. They need to know that you’re working on their behalf for their best interests. Only then are you going to be able to compete with something that promises to do everything but doesn’t provide real value. People that would use an app over a skilled negotiator that’s looking after their best interests may not even be the kind of people that would want to work with a realtor instead! This appeals more to DIY folks that want to have better cost control than the average bear, but it doesn’t always work out so well with them when they try to cut corners.

Nothing Can Replace a Skilled Negotiator

It’s true – an app can give you a barebones CMA or comparative market analysis, but how can it counter the deal offered in return? Probably not, and it won’t be able to tell a buyer when they’re getting emotionally overinvested in a property, or when they’re bidding so low that they’re insulting the seller. This kind of advice can only come for an even headed realtor that has the experience to help them out. An app can tell them where they can find the cheapest homes, but they won’t be able to tell them that this house has been sold 3 times in the last year because the neighbour kids continuously egg it on the way to school. There’s just so much that goes into making sure that a client gets their needs met that an app can’t possible play the role of a human being – not yet anyway!

Understanding the Role Apps Should Play

There is a time and a place for apps, but they can only go so far. If you’re a client looking to buy or sell, you’ll need the help of a seasoned realtor that knows how to sell luxury homes for sale, residential real estate and more. You want that extra help, especially if you’re a first time buyer or seller. No one should have to go it alone, and an app can only do so much when it comes to getting the best business deal.

While apps have a lot to offer, if you want to keep clients you’ll need to show them the real value that you provide! You’re not just selling homes, you’re an advisor and the helping hand they need to succeed.

By Brad Miller of The Goodale Miller Team. Goodale Miller, located in Oakville, Ontario is the #1 team in Canada for Century 21 8 years running, specializing in Oakville luxury real estate.  To learn more visit

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