Big Website Design Trends for 2012

website design trends

Knowing where we’re going is almost as important as knowing where we’ve been, and in website design that couldn’t be truer! Why should you try and build last year’s site when you can get started on all of the latest trends in website design right now, and keep your site and brand identity ready for change? Here we’re going to talk about what you need to know for 2011 web trends, and how you can implement them on your own site.

People Love to Talk

People love to be able to interact; social media like Facebook, Twitter, comments on your websites blog and interactive forums give them the ability to do it! Sharing widgets on WordPress blogs help people share things on everything from their personal social networks to Reddit and Hacker News so they can show all of their friends the interesting things they’ve found. You want to be one of those interesting things, and if those social widgets and wiz bangs aren’t on your site, they might just opt out of sharing anything of yours altogether. Don’t be the one who gets left behind in website design by avoiding the social media trend!

Update Your Code

You need HTML5 and CSS3 to survive; ditch your flash and tables for an updated modern website design that runs on anything from an old computer, a modern tablet and the ubiquitous mobile phone. Updated code helps you reach more people much faster (both of these will increase your load times many fold depending on what you’re using right now) so you won’t have to worry about people just giving up and going somewhere else in frustration.

Big Headers

We’ve all seen those giant headers that take up about a third of the top space in a page; why people like them we have no idea, but it wows the crowds and keeps eyeballs on the page. When you combine them with clickable buttons in WordPress, you’ll be sure to keep them longer and make sure you stay visible.

Clean Crisp Designs

Minimalism makes everything easy to find and you need that to get people to stay on the page. Minimalistic website designs don’t have to be just black and white without any thought put into the design, you can create a clever design that will pop off the page and give people what they need. Information needs to be presented in a clear fashion and a clean minimalistic design will help you achieve this! Don’t underestimate the honest truth of the plain; please your audience with a clean design that will keep your brand integrity intact and help get your information out there.

Website trends change all the time, but everything on this list is important to having the right website. People want to be able to leave feedback and ask questions, they want up to date code that lets them view your site and content on any device they use. Clean designs with beautiful headers keep them interested, and you’ll need to please their aesthetic.

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