Backlink Diversity and SEO


What Are Backlinks and how do they apply to SEO?

For the uninitiated, backlinks are the way that search engines determine the relevancy of a given site. Say you’re selling t-shirts, and you have some forum links or blog comments about where to get a certain shirt. It will analyze the site it’s on (for keywords and page rank), relevancy and the site it links to. If you have links on high PR sites that are high quality, it will push you to the top. If you have tons of links on sites that are low PR or on the blacklist for spam, it will count them against you. Understanding how backlinks work in the new wild world  of search engine optimization after the Panda Update is something you have to figure out to be successful online.

Are Backlinks Not Allowed?

The best part of any SEO campaign are backlinks; you can’t avoid creating them, but they have to be quality backlinks from QUALITY sites, so you can’t keep going through cheap article marketing sites that offer little value online. You’ll want to avoid anything that has a low PR to use for incoming backlinks to your site or business, that’s how the algorithm works. This means avoiding low ranking article directories, link farms or anyone on Google’s personal hit list. This does make marketing online a little harder, but it is doable and to grow your business in the future you’ll be able reap the benefits of diverse backlinks with organic SEO.

Creating Diverse Backlinks

  • First you need to know what diverse backlinks are:
  • Article marketing
  • Blog and forum comments and signatures
  • Press releases and advertising
  • Social Network Backlinks

These are the quick sources of quality backlinks that will help you build good organic traffic. The key is to spread them out equally through the methods, and not favour one over another. It’ll keep you safe from Google’s wrath, and you’ll have to make sure that you don’t use a keyword more than 25% of the time an inbound link points to your site. This is the way you can get around the crazy new Panda rules that are tanking websites left and right.

Understanding How to Weight Your Backlinks

When the page rank of a site is low, you won’t need to worry about quality but you will need to make sure you’re being relevant. On a high page rank site, you’ll want to worry about the quality of the site and of your comments, or you’ll get the ban hammer from Google. This means no more junk comments or bad articles floating out in the wild or not paying attention to what the page rank of a site is. Always do your research when you’re promoting on your site and services online and you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls of the Panda Update when back linking for exposure.

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