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Why You Need a Luxury Realtor

If you want to be able to get the house of your dreams you’re going to have to work with an Oakville luxury realtor. The last thing you want to do is spend all that money on trying to find a home and end up with nothing at all. When you work with a realtor […]

Can a Mobile App Replace a Realtor?

You better start providing more value to your clients or you could wind up a victim of the APPSTORE! Seriously though, more and more people are turning to apps when they can’t reach a realtor to buy real estate. There are apps that will help buyers figure out the property value, apps that will help […]

What to Expect When You’re In Closing

When you close your home there are a few things you’re going to need to expect – first of all you’ll want to expect the unexpected! It’s important to really be prepared for something awful to happen, so don’t freak out if the cashier’s check doesn’t clear or if there are delays. This just happens […]

Looking For A Luxury Home Is Different

Looking for a luxury home isn’t the same as looking for an ordinary condo or house. You can’t just drive through a neighbourhood that strikes your fancy and immediately spot a residence that matches both your needs and your dreams, and that just happens to have a “For Sale” sign outside the gate. Most truly […]

Buy a Home in Less than a Year

Everyone wants to own a home of their own, but creating a plan of action goes way beyond hoping that one day you’ll have enough money to buy a house. Here we’re going to go over a 12 month plan to help you buy a house within a year. From checking your credit report, building […]

The Dawn of the Parking Wars

A four foot wide parking spot in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal can be worth tens of thousands of dollars – but most of us refuse to pay for them as part of our rent, HOA or condo fees. So with the population of Canada climbing annually and the supply of parking ever-dwindling, the parking that […]