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Where the Top Buyers Shop

Did you know that international buyers are willing to pay more for a home (especially a second home) abroad, but the location has to be just right? It’s true! World cities like Toronto, London and even New York are considered prime, recession proof locations – plus the chance for appreciation is that much better. “No […]

Would You Buy a Haunted House?

With Halloween recently behind us, some of us still have spooky stuff on our minds. Every area has a home that people believe to be haunted – but it’s no surprise that most buyers won’t consider buying a haunted home. A quarter of buyers would consider it for the novelty factor, but 74% of buyers […]

Three Reasons Custom Logo Design is the Way to Go

Logo design is important for every kind of business, but are you sure it’s right for yours? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking that you can design your own logo and save yourself some money. It sounds like a great plan; one problem though: if you’re not a designer you shouldn’t try designing […]

What is Quality Content?

You should optimise your content for SEO, but you also need to make sure your content is of quality. Quality content and optimised content are simply two separate things. Quality is content that you would want to read; if you think about it that way, there’s a lot of content out there that falls under […]

Should You Revamp Your Logo?

A logo is your business’ first point of contact with the world, but is yours effective? Logos are a labour of love and knowledge; without either part you’ll end up with a bad logo that could actually hurt your image. While there are no real rules for logo design, here we’ll be going over a […]

Why WordPress Makes Website Design Easy

If you’ve ever tried to design your own website, you know how hard it can be! Trying to figure out code, margins, what colours to use can be so frustrating, and half the time your site will end up just a big mess that you end up abandoning; even worse you may spend tons of […]

The Importance of Colour in Brand Identity

Colours are such a major part of our lives. We base our personalities on them, we pick just one to be our favourite, and many people decorate their whole house in just one colour! Colour can make customers associate your brand with anything from tough and durable to soft and delicious; suffice it to say […]

Easy Winter Travel Tips for This Year

Let’s face it, winter travel is rarely easy – but this season is promising to be a bit trickier than normal! With fewer flights running across North America, the usual snow storms and overbooked holiday flights with outrageous fares, it’s important to know when the best time to travel is! And while we can’t exactly […]