A Flash In the Pan: Avoid Flash Designs for Longevity

Remember the last great flash website you saw? Neither do I and neither do your customers. To be fair there are a lot of beautiful flash websites out there, but they’re functionally crippled and if you want SEO done? Forget about it. If you want a website that will grow with you you’re going to need to go with HTML5, AJAX, and other modern technologies that will give you the advantage over your competition. Here we’re going to go over the disadvantages of Flash and what you can use in its place to get a beautiful functional website that is great for customers and search engines.

Flash is Over

The internet has spoken and flash is over. It started with Steve Jobs only supporting HTML5 and canvas over Flash because of the wealth of adult content and apps. Here are a few more nails in the coffin of flash websites:

  • Bad GUIs

Bad GUIs are part and parcel for Flash. It can’t help it, it’s just how it was made. But modern devices demand clean and crisp user interfaces that can be used with the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse. Flash on the other hand was designed for tiny screens and mice/keyboard only. You want your users to be able to take advantage of what you have to offer no matter how they interface.

  • Mobile-What?

50% of all web traffic in Canada is now mobile device traffic. This means Android phones, iPads netbooks and anything else on the go. People want to be able to access information while they’re commuting, traveling around, at work (as long as the boss isn’t looking); Flash websites just don’t play well with tablets and mobile devices. Like mentioned above people use their fingers but there’s also screen resolution issues, bandwidth intensive interfaces that are designed for wired speeds and other problems that makes using a flash site on a mobile device hellish at best.

  • Not So SEO Friendly

A sad fact of flash websites… they’re just not SEO friendly. They have strange URLs (if anything is separated at all) and half the time text can’t be indexed. Adobe, the developers of Flash, tried to resolve this but even they are on the HTML5 train with their AIR applications. Flash just isn’t supported like it used to be and even YouTube has switched over the HTML5. You want to have a modern website that’s going to play well with the search engines, that takes advantage of modern technologies and gets you ahead of your competition.

You want a modern website? You want to get in touch with your customers and get search engine love? Leave flash in the past and integrate modern technologies like HTML5, AJAX and more to give your audience a truly interactive and social experience! We can help you transform your old dependable website into a customer friendly authority; it’s the easiest way to get ahead of your competition, so why wait?

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