5 Golden Rules to Logo Design

Every logo design needs to be formulated for maximum appeal, but how do you know what the best design practices are and if you’re doing right? There are no definite rules for logo design, but there are little things you should observe to make sure you get the best reaction to your logo! Here we’re going to talk about what you need to do to have a great logo, and what you shouldn’t do too! Let’s get started.


Your logo needs to stand the test of time, so that means you don’t need to use any gimmicks (remember all those out dated glossy web 2.0 logos that no one cares about now?) to make your logo. You need to make sure it communicates who you are in the plainest term possible, without falling into the usual traps of trying to be trendy.


It’s good to take the lead from other logos in your niche, but you don’t want to copy them to try and copy their success or relate to their customers. You want to make sure that your logo shows who you are without being too overt. A unique logo shows people who you are, and it gives you the ability to really stand out from the crowd.


Usability of a logo is important; being able to scale your logo up and down for different uses like business cards, website banners, giant signs and advertising is extremely important. The colours you choose for your logo will also lend to its usability, so keep that in mind. How you’re going to use your logos should be taken into consideration before you stick with just one for the whole design, so you can create a sense of brand consistency.


Colours are also an extremely important factor in how you choose your final logo design. The best designs will be two or three colours, and you can pick some that complement one another and others that contrast. It’ll all depend on what kind of design and business you need to communicate to your audience. When choosing your colour palette, look at others in your area of business to see how they communicate effectively and stay memorable with colour.


If you’re commissioning a logo, you will want it in vector format and not raster. Vectors allow you to scale up and down for any need, and the shape and colour will always stay the same. Vectors are basically just math points plotted on a plane, and they’re the standard for any smart designer who knows what they’re doing. Always get your logos in vector format!

Now you know the important things to look out for when having your logos designed! You want something that’s going to last for a long time to establish brand consistency, a unique design that makes you stand out, something that will be memorable and of course the right colours and the right design that will make it all pop.

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