5 Crucial SEO Mistakes You MUST Avoid

 seo mistakes

Let’s be honest, SEO services are already tough enough to get your head around without having everyone else tell you what you should and shouldn’t do! In this article, I’m simply going to tell you what you shouldn’t do. Contact us today to find out what you SHOULD be doing! 


The 5 Pillars of SEO Mistakes:

Pillar 1 - Your Purpose For Writing Content Is To Feed The Search Engines:

Whilst making sure your pages are search engine optimized for certain keywords is important, many times people will follow this too strictly and end up with a page that doesn’t read well for users. What this means is that your bounce rate (bounce rate is when people leave your site without looking at other pages) will increase considerably, lowering the amount of user interaction you first hoped for, and at the same time decrease your rankings with the search engines.

What people commonly don’t know is that many search engines now take into consideration the bounce rate of a site to work out its usefulness. The higher it is, the less useful your site must be, and therefore the lower the rankings will be. By writing content that both satisfies the search engines and user, you’re more likely to have higher seo rankings with more user interaction (A WIN-WIN situation)!


Pillar 2Copying Content From Other Sites Word For Word:

Another common misconception is that if you have tons of pages on your website, you’ll in turn get more traffic from all the long-tail keywords within your article! Since creating new pages with new content takes a while, a lot of people turn to scraping other people’s sites to fill their website with content.

What they eventually find is that their content doesn’t bring in any new traffic, and that’s because search engines like Google already have a copy of the content listed in their seo rankings, so any subsequent pieces will be left to dwindle in the supplemental index. Copying content will rarely, if ever help your search engine optimization, and is usually frowned upon!

However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Unfortunately, this goes beyond the scope of this article.


Pillar 3Creating Links Too Quickly or Spamming Low Quality Links

This issue usually comes up in the form of: “My site is no longer indexed” or “My site has dropped considerably in seo rankings, what did I do wrong”?

Usually the problem will be that they either built too many links too quickly, or they created links that come from pages that aren’t relevant to the content on their website.

Whilst link building is essential to gaining high seo rankings on the search engines, doing it the wrong way can have negative affects on your rankings. You can avoid this by building up your link portfolio slowly (increasing the rate at which you gain them as your site ages), and by creating them on pages that are relevant in content.

So if I have a page on dog grooming, a relevant link would be from a page that talks about dog grooming brushes. The content is relevant and therefore the link is relevant! Backlinks from websites that are considered low-quality and spammy also carry negative SEO effects.


Pillar 4Not Putting Enough Emphasis On On-Page Optimization

I see it time and time again, people focusing too much on marketing their website pages and not enough time search engine optimizing them. Many times all a page will need is a bit of on-page tweaking to climb the rankings. Optimizing a page takes no longer than 10 minutes and is well worth the effort in return for getting better rankings.

You can better optimize your pages by adding headlines with your keywords, including your keyword where possible within your content and changing your image alt tags to your keywords!


Pillar 5Not Taking Advantage Of Anchor Text Links

Many times people will use terms such as “Click Here”, “Article” and “Page” as ways to link to other internal pages. By doing this you are missing out on extra SEO points those links could be passing off to other pages by giving your links more relevant and descriptive text. These links tell the search engines what the page being linked too is about, and you should take every chance you get to use your keywords as a link to your other pages!  Like this one: Visit our SEO services page today!

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