3 More Common SEO Mistakes

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You’ll find tons of guides online about how you should optimise your website, but how many out there teach you what you shouldn’t do? Knowing what not to do with your content and search engines will help you avoid the perils and pitfalls of upsetting Google and getting banned, as well as save you time and money by being effective. Using too much SEO is just as bad as using too little and spamming forums and blogs will only get you penalized; here I’m going to show you everything you need to avoid doing to keep your website on the search engines and to increase your ranking.

Overdoing and Underdoing Your SEO

It’s amazing, but you can use too much and too little search engine optimisation to the point that Google will just think you’re trying to game the system. Using keyword densities higher than 5% for example will (especially after the latest Panda update) in most cases get you penalised and drop your ranking. If you use too little, or less than 1% density, you won’t get indexed properly. There are many free keyword density tools out there that will help you know if you’re doing it wrong, use them!

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your niche that aren’t as competitive can be hard; you’ll need to use Google’s Adwords tool to find good ones. Sadly, sometimes you can’t find the right ones that will drive people to your page, or won’t drive the right people who will convert to sales. In the case of keywords, you will want to get an expert who can find the right ones for you! Craft your content around the right keywords and you’ll see your page rank jump!

Getting Banned

Getting banned from Google or other search engines is the worst thing you can do to your online reputation. We’re all tempted to use cheap and dirty tricks to get better ratings, but those never pay off in the long run. When you upset the search engines, you’ll have to start all over again with another website and hope that you don’t repeat those same mistakes again. One of the most popular ways of getting banned is link spamming; link spamming is when you abuse forum and blog comments to try and get a higher PageRank for your site, but your comments don’t add any value to the conversation.

Comments like:

  • “I really enjoyed this article and will come back again!”
  • “This is really informative, but if you want to learn more you should go to www. link to learn more.”

These kinds of comments could be posted to any blog about anything, and are the stuff that webmasters hate looking at the most in their comment moderation. Enough people block or ban you Google is going to take notice. Don’t push forums and bloggers to ban you and Google won’t push back. If you’re confused, get an SEO consultant who can help you figure out what you need to do to avoid these common SEO mistakes.

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